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    Flooring Xtra is Australia’s fastest growing flooring and blind retail brand throughout Perth, Adelaide, Sydney, Brisbane, Hobart and Melbourne. This website will give you a good idea of why our customers love coming back to us. The big reason is our people. But you’re not going to get the feeling of our people, or our floors, from a website, so we invite you in for a face to face chat about what you require for your carpet, vinyl, laminate or timber floors. Use our search to meet your friendly Flooring Xtra locals.

    When you come in to talk to one of us about your flooring requirements, whether you are looking for vinyl, carpet, laminate or timber floors, you can be assured you're talking to people who understand the flooring business from the ground up.
    Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Hobart and Perth-wide, our people run their own stores. They’ve been doing it for years, which means we’ve got more combined experience. Most of the people in our stores are locals in your community, more than likely we’ll know you, or of you. Or one of your friends. Or family. Therefore we need to get it right 100% of the time.

    Every Flooring Xtra store guarantees their flooring installation against faulty workmanship.
    There's really not much else we can say about that, except, if it's not right, we'll put it right. You've got our word on it. And as locals, our word is a cast iron assurance that we'll look after you.
    In Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Hobart or Brisbane, we are locals looking out for locals.

    We are Australia's fastest growing flooring brand, offering a wide range of products including carpet, vinyl, timber flooring and blinds. Our international buying power through a 150 store network gives us access to better deals for you at a competitive price.

    During 2015 we will be opening new stores across Australia to increase our Metro and regional presence. As each store commences, the store locator will be updated with all the contact details you need.
    Throughout Australia, in Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, Hobart and Adelaide, our stores are easily identified with a prominent black building and green tree.

    Our independent owners believe local community involvement is critical through our schools and environmental programs. Because there's nothing quite like getting together and going over ideas. It's the best way to get the best result, the best price, and you never know you might make a new best friend!