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5 Design Tips to Create Wellness in your Home

5 Design Tips to Create Wellness in your Home

Never has there been a more important time to foster wellness in your home by encouraging physical and mental health through any means possible. Some are simple, quick fixes you can do straight away with minimal effort, some are longer-term projects you can aim to implement when the time is right. We’ve compiled five of our favourite ideas.

Bring the outside in

Luckily house plants are having a moment in popular décor because their benefits for both the air quality and our emotional wellbeing are limitless. Certain plants help clean the air inside, assisting to remove formaldehyde and carbon monoxides. They also are relaxing to look at and tend to. If you’re not an indoor plant person, try bringing other elements inside such as cut flowers, foliage or even shells and pebbles.

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Is there anything more stressful than not being able to find what you need, when you really, really need it? Start small and attack the house from the front door to the back. Perhaps it’s one cupboard or one draw at a time but consider each item. Do I need this? (or, does it “spark joy”? as the queen of decluttering, Marie Kondo would ask.) Could it be thrown out? Recycled? Gifted? Repurposed? Or does it need to be somewhere else in the home? A clutter-free home is more relaxing, joyous and productive.

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Optimise sunlight and fresh air

It doesn’t matter if you’re on a large property or an inner-city apartment; make sure you open those blinds and door to let the light and fresh air in! There’s no better way to lift your mood than a long walk, but if that’s not possible, doors and blinds open will help. Fresh air can not only lift our mood but also can help with blood pressure, digestion and move stale air and smells from the home. It will also minimise condensation and mould which no-one wants in their home.

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Consider all materials

From the floor to the ceiling, each material, finish and piece of furniture can impact our health. This is a bigger picture concept, but when considering a refresh or a new home, think of the make-up and construction of each. Choose paints low in VOCs (Volatile organic compounds) and floors which are hard (such as timber or timber look) which make dust easier to manage. If you want carpet, head towards solution dyed nylons which minimise shedding as well as low-pile carpets which are easier to vacuum.

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Evoke the senses

Sometimes lighting a candle, utilising that bath you own or moving furniture around can impact how we feel at home. Ambient lighting creates a mellow mood while understanding basic colour psychology can help us devise a palette that promotes a calm and happy home. Consider each of the five senses. What makes you feel good? Think comfortable textures (fabrics like linen, felt and wool for, example), pleasant smells like candles and flowers, minimising noises (hello rugs and proper window treatments!), beautiful and calming colours to visually enjoy and a nicely baked cake for good measure.

5 Design Tips to Create Wellness in your Home


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