If you’re renovating an investment property there’s a pretty big chance you will be looking to replace some, if not all of the flooring. Finding the perfect flooring solution for a rental is all about balance. It needs to look good, be resilient and not cost the earth. Here’s our tips for selecting the best flooring for the rental market.

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Earth Stone- Chamomile



At the top of your list will be choosing something that will withstand high traffic, spills and general wear and tear. Just like your own home, replacing carpet or hard flooring is not something you will want to do all the time. Pick appropriate, hard-wearing hard floorings like luxury vinyl planks or hybrid flooring or carpets constructed from synthetic dyed nylons, polyester or triexta yarns which have stain resistant properties.

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Of course, you will want your investment home to look great to attract renters and for the occupant to have a lovely, comfortable home to live in! As you will not be designing the colour palette to work with your own décor, try to keep things neutral to appeal to a wide range of applicants. A neutral colour base will help the tenants feel like their own furniture and items will work, regardless of style.

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Hinterland- Rustic Oak Natural



At the end of the day, some products require a little more TLC than others. Products like hybrid and vinyl will require less maintenance than solid timber flooring and nylon and polyester less care than wool carpets. It is worth noting that all flooring, regardless of material or style will need some maintenance to ensure its longevity. Regular sweeping and mopping of hard flooring and vacuuming of carpet minimises dirt and grit which can scratch hard flooring and mark carpet.

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Arnhem Land- Manna Gum



Most renovators will have a keen eye on the bottom line when working with investment properties. Striking a balance of quality and cost is key and Flooring Xtra staff will be able to help you further here in store. There are some excellent products on the lower end of the cost spectrum of most styles of flooring regardless of the material they’re made from. Be mindful not to go too “cheap”. The expense of replacing flooring in a few years to save a few bucks up front is far costlier in the long run.

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Corfu- Serenity


Nitty gritty

There are a few finer details that can help you make your final decision whether it be carpet or hard flooring. For example, really consider the carpet pile type, with loop pile being particularly resilient over time but not suitable for pets (hello pesky claws!).  Colour of carpet and timber/ timber look stains also play a part. Lighter colours can show stains more clearly than dark, however, very dark carpet can also have this issue! To disguise the inevitable marks, try to choose a flooring which has variation as a feature. In carpet, this might mean variation in thread colour or in hard flooring a distinct grain or pattern.

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