There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to selecting a rugs style and perhaps because of this, it can feel rather daunting. A rug takes up a fair amount of physical and visual space in a room so it’s important to get it right. Stylistically, there are characteristics that lend themselves to common interior design styles and the rugs that work well within these homes can make them feel complete.

Here are a few of our favourite interior design styles which feature rugs from our collection- hopefully this will spark inspiration for your own home too!

Casual Elegance

This is not so much a style but a way of decorating which could be at home in a coastal property, a city apartment or a family home. There’s a focus on subtle elements like materials (linen, cloth, wool, timber etc.), colours (pared-back, tonal) and pattern (not loud or hash).

Studio Silver Texture rug with with grey sofa and light timber coffee table

Studio 324 ‘Silver Texture’


Bohemian Rhapsody

If you love colour, pattern and texture this could be the style your home already is or what you aspire it to look like. A bohemian home is all about layers and not being too concerned with matching, minimalism or even perfection. These homes tell stories.

Zanzibar rug with leather sofa and blue velvet chair

Zanzibar ‘Navy’


Coastal Chic

The materials jute, sisal and anything similar in nature work so well in coastal homes. They mimic the laid-back, relaxed vibe of the coast while also celebrating the environment around it. They’re a resilient material to boot, making them a handy addition, not just a good looking one! Coastal style can mean a range of things (such as the blue and white palette of a Hampton’s style home or the rustic materials of a beach shack holiday home) but they have one thing in common. They’re unpretentious, comfortable and relaxed focusing on warm materials which are low-maintenance and generally earthy in appearance.

Atrium Polo Rug Round Pink with cane furniture

Atrium “Pink Jute Polo”

Worldly Comfort

Just like a holiday memento, a worldly home celebrates the idea of travel and the memories it evokes. It draws on various cultures and references their wonderful crafts. It can be a subtle hint, such as this rug below, or it can form the basis of the whole interior design style. This particular rug draws from traditional Moroccan Berber style rugs which add colour, texture and interest to any room. They’re comfortable, practical and add hint at exotic travels abroad.

marrakesh 111 rug in a laundry

Marrakesh 111 Runner ‘White’


Old Meets New

There is a real celebration of old traditions and crafts in today’s interiors. What makes this particularly interesting is when the crafts of old are placed in current settings or place a new twist on a traditional style.  A “new meets old” home takes elements from all eras. It places a family heirloom next to a contemporary piece and makes it work. Transitional rugs are a great example of this. Taking a beautiful, traditional style of weaving and bringing into the now with new technology and a new aesthetic. The faded and worn elements are stylistic and nod to the past. They work in a contemporary home, period homes that have been renovated, luxe interiors and family home which want a practical, highly patterned rug to hide a multitude of sins.

Mirage Multi Rug with Retro furniture

Mirage “Multi Moroccan 360′


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