Timber floorboards can be a more expensive selection compared to some of the timber-look products.  With new technological advancements, so many of the alternatives look and feel authentic too. So why would you choose real, solid timber floors? Here’s a look at some of the features and benefits.

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Vineyard Oak Great Western


Nothing beats the real thing when evoking the senses. It looks fantastic, with real knots and grains giving a floor life like no other product. It was once living, so the celebration of giving this product new life can be seen in every natural detail. It feels luxurious to walk on to making it not only beautiful to look at but to touch as well.

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Timber flooring is also a great choice for the environmentally conscious as less energy is consumed during production. The material is naturally more energy efficient than other flooring solutions too. At Flooring Xtra, our timbers are sourced exclusively from carefully managed Australian forests, making them a sustainable alternative to other popular flooring options.

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Timber floorboards are unique so you can be guaranteed no one else will ever have exactly the same floor. As they are sourced from natural materials, each timber board contains its own set of distinctive characteristics, allowing you to achieve an elegant design that can never truly be matched or replicated elsewhere.

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With proper care and maintenance, timber floors last for many, many years. It also can greatly increase the value of your property, making it a worthwhile investment for any home or office fit-out. In the event of damage, timber can be repaired, just look at beautiful heritage homes with original, or resorted flooring still proudly installed.

Vineyard Oak Great Western

Timber floors do require some specific maintenance and upkeep (as do all floors!) but they are generally easy to live with. With proper care, they will last a long time. The best hint to maintaining a newer floor for longer is to adopt a ‘no shoes’ policy. This, therefore, eliminates the possibility that dirt and stones are going to be walked through your house and potentially scratch the floor. Regular vacuuming and mopping will minimise any damage too.


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Vineyard Oak

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