The idea that blinds, curtains and other window treatments are installed purely to make a room look ‘nice’ should be dismissed. Sure, a room does feel finished when the window treatments are in, but they’re so much more than that. They shouldn’t be an afterthought! It really is worth investing time and money into selecting the best style suited for your home, your windows and what your family require. Here are some of the benefits of window treatments worth considering when choosing a style.


Thermal Qualities

Keeping the home warm is a priority for many households across the country. Flicking on the heater will certainly heat up the home quickly, but you may find the warmth soon disappears once it’s turned back off again. Having a suitable window treatment will help keep the warmth in the home, making it cosy for much longer. In particular, drapes, especially with heavy fabric, will work well to do this however shutters and other styles are also effective. Depending on your window or door style, Flooring Xtra will be able to point you in the right direction here.

In summer we have the opposite desire- to keep the heat out! Shutting the blinds during the hottest parts of the day will really help to keep the home cool.

Blinds Kitchen and Sink

Save on Bills

If the window treatments are helping keep the home cooler/ warmer for longer, this will, in turn, lead to smaller power bills. There’s not one person who isn’t happier with a lower bill- except for the power companies perhaps!

Window Furnishing


Most people value the privacy their own home creates for them and the sense of comfort and security that follows. Being able to shut the blinds as night falls is important, but also during the day if you live somewhere where people are able to see in. Most window treatments offer privacy for the home, but some are more flexible than others. Shutters and venetian blinds, for example, can control light and privacy through angling the batons/ blades, while a roman blind is very private once down but is either up or down.

Flooring Xtra Blinds

Acoustic Qualities

While they will not block out sound completely, certain window treatments will assist in noise reduction. Good news for people living on busy streets or noisy areas. Within the home, the addition of fabrics to interiors with lots of hard surfaces will always help absorb noise to an extent. With materials like stone, concrete, tiles and metals so popular, the addition of some soft furnishings will really help.


BlindsSleep Better

Everyone appreciates a good night’s sleep and an appropriate window treatment can aid in this by creating a darker and quieter space to rest. Dark rooms are also helpful for people with small children and babies who sleep in the day as well as shift workers trying to catch some much-needed rest during daylight hours.


Each home is different and the windows within your home may differ from room to room. Talking to Flooring Xtra about your unique home and family needs will help enormously. Making a big decision a lot less daunting!

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