Here are 5 rugs that will transform your home with a small investment and little effort!


This is the textural hit that your home is calling out for! If your home is all smooth surfaces the addition of the Everest rug will add warmth and interest through the contrasting weaves, colours and pile heights. This fun design would work perfectly in casual living spaces, playrooms and sitting nooks and is available in both neutral and colourful palettes.


5 Rugs that will transform your home - everest


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The Zanzibar rug, in all it’s colourful, patterned glory is set to be the feature piece in any home. Intricate and globally inspired patterns in striking designs will enhance a room calling out for a pop of colour or character. It’s cosy and resilient polypropylene fibre also makes it a family friendly option.

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This indulgent rug is a pleasure to sink your toes into. A 20mm soft pile is expertly woven using polypropylene and available in a range of colours and patterns. The tasselled edge adds interest while the multicoloured diamond pattern draws from traditional Moroccan Berber rugs. A true statement piece which is also available in a runner style shape as seen here, elevating a laundry space to the next level!

marrakesh 111 rug in a laundry

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Round Rugs

A round rug is a style that suits quite specific spaces, but when you get it right… it changes the whole room dynamic. Entryways, rooms with angled walls or spaces where the furniture legs may not be anchoring the rug are calling out for round rugs. They gently move the eye around the space and create balance in awkwardly shaped rooms. The jute material of the Atrium rug (image below) adds a casual feel while being practical too (hello kids rooms!).

Atrium - Natural Jute Polo

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This beautiful range adds a special layer of interest with its global influence, intricate design and stunning colour palette. While it’s not a subtle rug, this may be just what’s required in your home. If the scheme feels it’s lacking, or too ‘safe’, the mirage will inject pattern and visual stimulation wherever it’s placed. Try adding it to a living space with a simple, plainly upholstered sofa to contrast the two pieces. Mirage is available in a range of shapes, colours, patterns and sizes.

5 Rugs That Will Transform your Home

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