You’ve decided on the colour, the style and pattern- but what about the rug size? How do you work out the perfect dimensions for the space? Getting this part of the selection wrong seems to be the biggest struggle for many people, most of who are worried that getting it wrong will be a massive waste of money. They’re not wrong!

Essentially, a guide to the best rug size for your home will largely have to do with a few factors. Follow our tips below.

    1. How big is the room?

      While this may seem obvious, it’s not always the case. If space is small, will the rug actually fit? Perhaps a simple question to ask. If space is larger, will it be divided into “zones”, such as an open plan meal and dining? Measure out the actual space where the rug will be placed, not the whole room if it will have multiple functions.

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      Featured in this image: Skandi – Turquoise Sand 307

    2. What furniture exists already?

      In general terms, the rug should be wider than the longest piece of furniture in the room, such as the sofa, dining table or bed. Measure this width and remember for your reference. Most rugs will come in a few standard sizes so you will be able to select which suits best with this information. Also consider other furniture factors, such as dining table chair clearance which can be hazardous if the rug is not large enough. Meaning, you don’t want dining table chairs half on the rug and half off when your guests are actually sitting at the table.

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    3. Don’t “float” the rug in the room

      For the room to feel full and complete, the rug should make contact with all of the furniture items. The legs of the sofa, armchairs or similar should all sit on the rug, even if it’s the front two. This alleviates any chance that the rug will appear to be “floating” in the room which can tend to look like a mistake or a second thought.

      Marquee Grey Repeat

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    4. Bigger rugs distort the space

      Distortion in a good way! It may seem like an odd idea, but bigger rugs tend to make spaces seem visually larger. Tying in with the “floating” concept above. Erring on the larger size allows the room to feel cosy but complete while also creating larger boundaries around the furniture which is excellent in small spaces. With this said, the rug should not be too large as to not show what is underneath, especially if there’s beautiful floorboards or similar. Showing what’s underneath frames space and creates balance and harmony.

    5. City Collection Blue 566Featured in this image: City Collection – Pink Arc 566
    6. Create a visual marker before buying

      It can be a big decision to make, particularly if you’re purchasing a rug online. A good way to double-check your rug dimensions is to replicate the proposed size with masking tape (or similar) on the ground to check you feel that it’s correct. A nice little tip to make you feel confident before parting way with hard-earned money!

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