My First Home

A new home is exciting, but a first home is even more special. It’s time to make it your own piece of paradise. You will be considering your current and future lifestyle, the style that reflects your personality, makes you feel comfortable and what personal touches you want to display.

When it comes to flooring, there’s a few questions you can ask yourself to guide the decision-making process. Let Flooring Xtra help with the rest if you’re feeling a bit lost!

  1. Who will be living in the home? Will there be pets or young children? Resilient, easy to care for flooring will be your best bet if you answered yes to the above!
  2. What does the floor need to work back with? Paints, tiles, carpet, etc?
  3. What style are you drawn to? Do you collect images of homes and rooms you love? If no, now is the time. We have some inspiration here to get you started.
  4. Is your home an apartment, near the beach, double story, or a period style home? Defining the type and style of home will help lead you to appropriate flooring materials and colours.
  5. Is the home bright and full of natural light or will some spaces be on the darker side?
  6. Do you have stairs?
  7. Is your home near the beach, the bush or where mud, dirt, sand and other outdoor elements might come inside?
  8. Do you have to consider noise (either in apartment living or double story home?).
  9. Have you set a budget for your flooring? You can learn more about that here.

We have you covered

From inspiration to installation and beyond, Flooring Xtra are here to help. If you’re uncertain what product will work best in your home or fit your budget the team are delighted to assist. Choosing new flooring is a big decision so whether it’s hard flooring or carpet you’re looking for, know that Flooring Xtra will have the perfect option for you!

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Take care of your new floor with a rug

Keep your floors looking their best with a beautiful rug.

With a large range of styles, sizes and materials to suit every home, personality and budget your sure to find the perfect rug for your home.

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