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Rug Care & Cleaning Tips


It’s a good idea to rotate your rug on a regular basis to avoid uneven wearing. Try to rotate your rug at least every six months. Depending on how much traffic your rug is exposed to, we recommend having your rug professional cleaned three or four times a year.


Dry vacuum regularly – once a week is recommended, preferably using a plain upright suction vacuum cleaner. Turbo or revolving head vacuums may result in rugs getting a frizzy look. If you are using beater bars or adjustable head vacuums, apply the lightest settings.


Rugs accumulate more soil and grit as they act as great barriers to protect your carpets and flooring. Regular vacuuming and cleaning is essential and be sure to vacuum the rug base regularly.


It should be noted that there is often confusion about the difference between soiling and staining, the majority of stain complaints are actually soil related. For example many sugar based spills such as soft drinks and coffee, leave a sugar residue after removal. The sticky residue readily attracts soil from ordinary shoe traffic and the resulting discoloured area appears to be a stain. The same thing happens when spills are cleaned with a detergent solution and the area is not sufficiently rinsed with clean water, leaving a sticky detergent residue. It is important to rinse thoroughly with water and blot dry after removing any spill. Some rugs require slightly different care, below is a guide to spot cleaning and notes for different rug materials.


Within the first few months of using a new wool rug, some shedding may occur. This shedding is perfectly fine and actually renews the fibres, keeping them looking good for longer. If you want to reduce the amount of shedding, choose a Tibetan hand knotted rug or a higher quality, softer wool. Wool carpets need to be kept dry, blot up any spilt liquid by applying layers of un-dyed paper towel and weight them down. Do not use a hairdryer and do not walk on the rug until the area is completely dry (see the spot cleaning guide below).


Sisal is a great fabric for rugs as they are quite easy to care for and maintain. Sisal is a hard wearing natural fibre that is resistant to dirt and bacteria. As soil and dirt will filter through the thick weave, less damage occurs.

Sisal fabric is hygroscopic, which means that the fibres attract and hold moisture, therefore it is important not to saturate with water or clean with steam or wet shampooing as this can cause the rug to warp out of shape. The best method for spills is to immediately use an un-dyed cloth or paper towel to withdraw the bulk of the moisture. Very small amounts of detergent or shampoo may be used with water, however be careful not to saturate and to dry the rug immediately.


Flat weave rugs are popular for their hard wearing but lightweight nature which makes them easy to maintain and care for. Vacuum the rug regularly and be sure to rotate and flip the rug on a regular basis to avoid uneven wear. Use non-slip rug pads to keep your rug in place and avoid additional friction. Blot spills without rubbing, small amounts of soap and water may be applied. Be sure to dry the rug flat and keep out of any direct sunlight to ensure vibrancy of colour.


The key to spot removal is prompt action.

  1. Do not scrub

Scoop up or blot as much of the spill as possible from the carpet, then continue to blot any residue with a clean white cloth or paper towel, always working from the outer edge of the carpet towards the center to avoid the spill spreading. Remember, do not scrub.

Please see below for more detail


  • Remember, for best results it is important to act quickly as stains left in for a prolonged period will set and be more difficult to remove.
  • Haphazard attempts at spot removal can cause permanent setting of stain, pile distortion, matting and loss of colour.
  • If the 1st order of treatment does not remove stain, ensure that the rug is dry before proceeding to the next step in order of treatment.
  • The solvents normally used in dry-cleaning are perchlorethylene, white spirit or fluorocarbons.
  • Whilst this advice is order in good faith, no responsibility is accepted for claims arising to treatments listed, call a professional carpet cleaner immediately.
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