2016 What’s trending in flooring

Published: January 31, 2016

Each year, interior design trends come and go, some long lasting while others are fleeting and temporary. Any professional will tell you what’s worth investing in and what trends to consider as fashion accessories. The trick is to create a balance in your home. The balance between classic design which suits your requirements while still feeling “current” throughout the years.

The below trends are what you will be seeing in flooring during 2016. From colour, texture and pattern, learn how you can find that balance through small and large scale investment in your home.


You don’t require a trend forecaster to know that the neutrals of the design world are still popular choices for interior design. Taupes, beiges and greys are still ever-present in carpets and the wider interior product ranges alike. Grey in particular is a colour you will be seeing more of, from large scale finishes such as flooring, paints and fabrics, through to accessories and smaller items. These neutrals will serve you well and stand the test of time. You can feel secure knowing these selections will not date quickly.

To create interest with a pop of colour, try looking at the Pantone colours of the year. Each year, Pantone, the world’s “authority on colour”, select a colour (or in this year’s case- two!) which they believe reflects the current mood of the world of design. The colours they select are highly regarded by the design industry and you will find stores filled with their selections soon after they are announced. This year, Rose Quartz, a soft pink, and Serenity, a cool blue has been chosen. Teamed with the greys and neutrals, these trend colours work a treat. Try accessorising in these colours. More budget-friendly options such as cushions, vases and smaller items of furniture are a great way to invest a little money into interesting, on-trend pieces for your home. They won’t break the bank while making your home feel current.

Colours in timbers remain constant from recent years past. Popular options include oaks, both darker and the lighter, blonder varieties. These gorgeous colours sit back beautifully with the newer trend highlights as well. Consider a rug in the paler colours to add interest (while being very practical too!).


Texture is very important in the trends we are seeing come through. Gone are the days of super-slick minimalism and in are the highly tactile and inviting textured spaces. When we talk texture, we don’t necessarily mean shag pile rugs and carpeted bathrooms! It may be a warm coloured timber, a jute rug or woven accessories like a knitted cushion.

If you’re feeling nervous about adding texture to your home, try adding smaller items, to begin with. Bring an earthy, flat-woven rug into your home. Drape a small fur or hide over a chair. Play with contrasting textures. There is something very beautiful about combining soft, smooth, cool and rough textures.

More specific to flooring, we are seeing textured rugs becoming increasingly popular. Rugs with a lower pile, such as jute or flatweaves arevery much on-trend and are a great way to introduce texture while not going over budget. Texture trends in the carpet are a little subtler. Lower pile, twist carpets are still the most popular.


Patterns are making a come back in interior fashions too. Open any design magazine and you will see pages of patterned accessories, fabrics and finishes. While not as bold as design periods past (think of patterned carpets, multiple wallpapered rooms and loud curtain prints), we are moving away from a plain, clean-edged finish to seeing tasteful patterns edging their way back in.

In flooring, we are seeing the resurgence or chevron and parquetry flooring. This is a beautiful option for the home which adds instant worldly glamour, reminiscent of Parisian apartments which will never go out of fashion. A lesser of an investment piece may be this chevron pattern on a rug or cushion. Chevron was found everywhere over the past few years and it is easily added without too much expense. A great way to inject colour, movement and interest into the home.

The scale of pattern is also important. In timber flooring, wider, longer boards remain a popular option. They are elegant and work particularly well in larger, open plan spaces. In saying this, many new apartments look fantastic with the larger board style as well.


Lastly, a trend which is becoming increasingly popular to consumers is selecting finishes which are sustainable. This is not even considered a trend by many, more a design requirement as people become more educated on the matter. This is a fantastic movement towards better, more informed choices.

Selecting sustainable products does not mean compromising on style or quality. Consider our Soft.e carpet for example. While it looks fantastic and comparable to other carpet options, the pile. It’s durable, colourfast, stain resistant- AND good for the planet. This is the future of design to get excited about!

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