2024 Carpet Chronicles: The Beauty of Australian-Made Flooring

By: Michelle, Published: February 2, 2023 Oxford park bedroom mist colour carpet Pictured: Antique Archways in “Cascade”

There are many factors to consider when selecting carpet for your home. Budget, use, style, colour and ease of cleaning, just to name a few. One of the more commonly asked questions is where the product is made as consumers are increasingly wanting to understand the origin of their new flooring. Many of the carpets at Flooring Xtra are manufactured right here within our shores, providing an abundance of options for those who have Australian made high on their list of priorities. If this sounds like you and you’re on the hunt for new carpet, here are some for you to choose from.


Textured wool carpet with loop pile are incredibly popular and for good reason. They feel fantastic underfoot, they are interesting and textured in appearance and they are naturally excellent insulators. The good news is, is that many of them are also Australian made. Within the Wooly range, Antique Archways and Saltbox Fair provide unique, warm and tasteful ranges, all manufactured here. Urban Instinct ranges also provide lots of options with Tallinn, Montauk Point and Oxford Park also made in Oz.

SDN Carpets made in Australia

Solution Dyed Nylon carpets, or SDN are tough, family-friendly carpets without compromising on style or feel. Soft underfoot and a breeze to maintain SDN is the fibre of choice for busy homes. Orsano, Salvador, Escarra II and La Mira II are all part of the Belleza SDN range made right here in Australia. Winter Solstice, Long Sojourn, Escarra II and Zephyr Cove are all SDN designs within the Soul Elements range also manufactured on Australian soil.

Blush Lane Orsano Air Tunnel Bedroom carpet Orsano in "Air Tunnel"

Polypropylene, polyester and Triexta fibre carpets made in Australia

There are many other man-made fibres that carpet can be constructed from, each of them worthy of mention! They are often budget-conscious, family and pet friendly and easy to clean and maintain. A perfect solution for those who want a carefree option at home. Triexta is a hardy, easy-to-care-for fibre that is suitable for high-traffic areas. The Eco+ range includes Corfu and Andros and Aegean Isle. All are made from Triexta and all Australian carpets. Polyester carpets made in Australia include Elkhorn, Bass Cove and Camelia Drive. Polyester is luxurious to walk across and a suitable option for asthma sufferers. Polypropylene is affordable, stain-resistant and hard-wearing. For Australian carpet options, try Tarlo River, Akuna and Cedar Falls.

Bass cove samosa Triexta carpet nursery Bass Cove in "Samosa"

For an overall carpet selection guide, click here for an informative blog read. If you are still feeling overwhelmed with selections, head to your nearest Flooring Xtra for all the expert advice you are looking for while visiting a flooring store.



What type of carpet is soft?

Nothing beats the feeling of soft carpet underfoot as well as relaxing and playing on the soft and comfortable surface. While all carpet is soft to a degree, some might feel softer than others. Plush and cut (twist) piles are particularly soft styles and some man-made (synthetic) fibres are luxurious to the touch.


How to clean carpet stains?

Carpet can be enjoyed for many years with care and maintenance. Extend the life of your carpet by promptly attending to spills and marks. Read our cleaning guide for spot removal tips and cleaning.


How can carpet underlay help prolong the life of your carpet?

Carpet underlay helps to keep carpet looking like new for longer by adding another cushioning layer to the floor. It helps protect the carpet pile to stay “upright” for longer. It also adds a thermal layer and aids in controlling sound travel within the home too.

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