5 Perfect Places for a Runner Rug

Published: August 11, 2020

You know the drill, rugs under sofas, rugs in bedrooms, rugs in any place that will warm up and create cosiness in your home. But what about runner-style rugs? The long, rectangular-shaped rug has a multitude of practical purposes that you may have never even considered. With so many beautiful designs, it’s only a matter of choosing between colours and styles to suit your interior.


This one is pretty obvious, but the elongated shape of the hallway is reflected in the design of a runner, making it the ideal location to place one. It does a practical job of protecting the floors underneath in one of the highest-traffic areas of the home while also bringing some interest (colour, texture and pattern) to a place which can be tricky to decorate.

Terrace 5500 Blue

The Laundry

We have seen a few laundries recently which are seriously beautiful for a room which is often forgotten when it comes to the decorator’s toolbox. What stood out in some of these lovely laundries was the addition of a runner. As these spaces are generally tiled or another style of hard flooring, it can be a wonderful place to bring some warmth and comfort to an area where standing for prolonged periods occurs. A rug in the laundry makes chores a dream!

Marrakesh 111 Runner ‘White’

The Kitchen

Sprucing up the kitchen floor with a runner is a sure-fire way to add instant warmth- both literally and visually. The shape of the rug suits most kitchens in terms of its shape, following the line of the bench. Given that this is a working area; you will need to take care to pay attention to any spills promptly so that no permanent stains or marks are left on your beautiful rug.

Mirage Runner ‘Silver Moroccan’

The Bedroom

The shape of a runner (a shorter style) is a perfect accompaniment to a bed. It’s best placed parallel with the end of the bed (with the end two legs placed on top of the rug). It grounds the bedroom furniture while being lovely to stand on, barefoot straight from bed.

Odyssey 130 Multi

The Entryway

Walking into the front door, the gateway to the home is presented. It needs to be both practical and a reflection of the rest of the home (and the people who live here!). An inclusion of a rug helps shift unwanted dirt and grit from shoes before they potentially damage flooring in the rest of the house. It’s easier to vacuum or shake out a rug than repair scratches to hard flooring! It also is a chance to decorate, bringing whatever you feel might be lacking in the space. Round rugs are also an excellent option if the area is more square in shape.

Legacy 850 Runner ‘Rust’

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