5 Ways to keep carpet looking like new for longer

Published: August 12, 2022


We know, it can be tricky to remember to remove your shoes everytime you run in and out of the house, particularly if you have kids or multiple doors leading outside. This is crucial though in increasing the longevity of your carpets. Dirt, grit and other nasties will inevitably get trapped on shoes which then transfer to the indoor flooring. Scratching hard floors and trapping dirt into carpet- shoes are really bad news. Pop a basket or rack near the main door of the house to prompt removal. Add floor and door mats and entry points and ensure there’s somewhere to sit and remove shoes for guests too (this could be a chair, an ottoman or even a nice timber stool in space-conscious entryways.

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Prompt removal of spills and stains

Stuff happens and life will see us or our family or guests spilling something on our carpets. There’s only so much preventative care here so the most practical way to address it is to take action quickly. The more quickly we act when it comes to spills, smudges and accidents on carpet the better the result. For more information on how to clean up spills on carpet, see our guide here.

Regular cleaning

Our lives are busy, and cleaning can feel like such a relentless chore! However, it really does help keep our carpet looking lovely for longer. Regular vacuuming ensures dirt and grit trapped in the fibres are lifted before it starts to look like a permanent stain. Your carpet will love you for its weekly vacuum and yearly (or thereabouts) professional clean by a reputable company.

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Pets and paws

Furry friends are so loved and a big part of life in Australia. Many cats and dogs spend lots of time indoors so our flooring can be at risk of scratching and claw damage. There are carpets and hard floorings that are better suited to paws and claws but if you already have carpet that you love you will just have to keep an eye on them. Keep claws trimmed (safely) and clean up fur, accidents and dirt promptly. Our carpet and pet guide can also be found here if you are a pet owner looking for new carpet.

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Ensure a quality underlay is used

Underlay is definitely the less interesting part of choosing new flooring! While we don’t see what’s under our carpet each day, a quality underlay will prolong the life of your carpet by working hard to reduce wear. It also makes the carpet feel softer to walk across and can help with sound absorption. Flooring Xtra use Dunolp EnviroTred which is not only a quality product but also one that is sustainable, being made from 90% recycled material and 100% recyclable. You can learn more about that here.

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