5 ways to keep your flooring cheerful this holiday season

Published: December 22, 2022

Party season has well and truly begun this year! Even if the weather is as confusing and unpredictable the gatherings, BBQ’s and entertaining will still go ahead regardless. The quiet hero of the party is your home that will quietly weather the storm (that is, the visitors, the food, the drinks and the fun!). So how do we care for our floors during this time and how can we gift them a little treat for being such excellent companions?


Australia is blessed with beautiful summers, but our floors can suffer from too much direct, harsh sun. On particularly hot days shut blinds or curtains to keep the house cool naturally but also protect the floor from any fading. If you’re not home on any day shutting the window treatment regardless of the season can protect flooring for longer. It can also be helpful to move your furniture and rugs around slightly to decrease the risk of strong fade lines on flooring.

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Clean up after parties

With entertaining comes the inevitable mess that follows. Be mindful to clean up spills and mess on the floor promptly so the damage is not permanent. Dirt and grit left on carpet can be worn into the pile if walked across and on hard flooring can cause scratches. Any spills on carpet should be dealt with straight away for best results. Read more here for detailed cleaning instructions.

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No heels! Make that shoes in general

One of the best things you can do for your flooring, regardless of if it’s carpet or hard flooring is to create a no-shoe policy inside at home. The outdoors has a pesky way of getting trapped onto shoes (dirt, sand, stones, grit etc.) and bringing them indoors increases the risk of scratches and marks. Pop a nice chair or ottoman at the front door to encourage shoe removal. You could even provide luxurious slippers for guests to pop on when they arrive! Heels such as stilettos can also be damaging to hard floors, creating indents and marks. Best to keep them at the front door with all the other shoes.

Professional clean

After the party season it can be a good time for carpets and rugs to be professionally cleaned. You won’t know your flooring it will be so fresh and clean! Pesky stains and marks will be treated and a general clean will pick up any other nasties not easily removed with general vacuuming and home care. If you have ever seen the colour of the water when a professional clean is being done you will know just how much dirt is inadvertently trapped in carpet. Make it an annual event!

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Treat the floors to a rug

Rugs are a beautiful and decorative way to protect hard flooring (and carpet for that matter). In high-traffic areas such as an entry, hallway or thoroughfare they can minimise wear and trap dirt from shoes. Rugs in family areas, play areas or under a dining table can also protect the flooring underneath from spills and wear. In an office, they can be useful in providing a barrier against chair castor wheel floor scratches. While protecting the floor they also bring warmth, colour and texture to the interior. It’s a win-win situation!

From us at Flooring Xtra to you, we wish you a happy and safe holiday season with friends and family. We look forward to seeing your dream homes come to life and providing a fabulous flooring experience in the new year!

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