Beyond Beauty: The Practical Benefits of Investing in Vinyl Flooring

By: Samantha, Published: May 16, 2024 This image shows a serene bedroom with Savannah Dawn Oak Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT). The flooring has a warm, natural wood grain pattern, providing a cozy and inviting atmosphere. A low bed with white bedding and a plush throw sits in the center. A small desk with a chair and a knitted blanket is on the left. A round woven rug is near the bed, and large windows with sheer white curtains allow natural light to fill the space. Savannah in Dawn Oak

There are many attributes people are searching for when they look for new hard flooring for their home. Style, maintenance, cost and durability are just some of the elements homeowners might prioritise- and vinyl flooring can tick a lot of these boxes!


Vinyl flooring has changed dramatically in recent years with advances in technology, making it a practical and hard-wearing product while meeting the design standards people are searching for. Here we talk about all of the benefits that vinyl flooring can offer.



Vinyl flooring can be a cost-effective solution for your home, with a style and design to suit all budgets. While achieving authentic-looking timber, stone or concrete-look floors, this flooring material is popular in new homes and renovations alike. Setting a budget for your flooring project is important so you can find products that realistically sit in your price range. There can be other costs involved too! Head to our Setting a Budget page for more information.


This image shows a stylish and modern entryway with a Looselay Longboard Champagne Oak Vinyl floor. The flooring has a natural, warm tone that mimics the look of real oak, providing a clean and inviting appearance. Its subtle grain patterns and variations add to the realistic wood effect, enhancing the overall aesthetic of the space. A gold console table with glass shelves is against a vertical wooden panel wall. The table holds candles, a potted plant, and a book. A large white feather wall art piece hangs above the table, and a potted plant is to the left. LooseLay Longboard in Champagne Oak


There is a wide range of luxury vinyl planks (LVP) and other designs available to suit a variety of aesthetics and interior design preferences. There are timber styles that mimic the look of real timber effortlessly, as well as character-rich stone and concrete designs available.


One of the main attributes of floor vinyl is its durability with the wear of everyday use. High traffic areas love vinyl floors! They have the ability to stand up to scratches and dents that life throws at floors, even in the most fastidious homes. For this reason, it can be a great option for family homes, holidays homes or investment properties.


This image shows a children's bedroom with Van Gogh Tranquil Oak flooring, giving it a light wooden finish. The floor has a natural wood grain pattern, adding warmth to the room. A white bunk bed with pink bedding sits against a wall with geometric wallpaper. Next to the bed is a small wooden table with a pink lamp and a vase. A round woven rug with some toys is on the floor, creating a cozy and playful space. Van Gogh in Tranquil Oak

Easy to maintain

Vinyl flooring is an incredibly low-maintenance product, with only simple cleaning requirements because of the high-quality coating. Like all flooring, hard or soft, general maintenance is needed to protect and extend the life of the surface. Encouraging a shoe-free home will minimise dirt and grit entering the house and potentially causing damage.

Comfort & Warmth

Underfoot, vinyl floors are quite warm and comfortable, particularly compared to alternative materials such as tiles or stone. In areas where extra warmth and comfort are desired, such as a sitting room or bedroom, a rug layer can add that texture needed for a truly cosy space. Acoustic control also adds to the general comfort of a home, which vinyl contributes to successfully.

This image showcases a dining area with Paramount Stone Terrazzo Bianco Carrara Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) flooring. The vinyl flooring features a sophisticated blend of grey and white tones with scattered stone-like patterns, providing a textured and elegant appearance. The dining area features a wooden table with grey chairs, surrounded by various potted plants on shelves and stands. A light wooden console table with more plants and decorative items is against the white wall, adding to the fresh and natural feel of the space. Paramount Stone in Terrazzo Bianco Carrara

Installation options

Vinyl floors come in a few different options, with luxury floor vinyl planks being a popular choice. Easy to install, they mimic timber boards to achieve an authentic look. Some styles can be installed in interesting ways, such as herringbone, basketweave or even diagonally. Each style creates a different look and feel to the interior design of a home.

LVP is considered to be a relatively easy and quick product to install however it’s always best to leave flooring installation to the professionals!


Having a flooring that can withstand a lot of traffic is important to lots of people. In rooms such as an entryway, a hallway or living space, this is particularly relevant. It also works well for homes with pets and children, who can add pressure to the floors sometimes! Some vinyl products are water resistant too, another benefit for busy family homes.


The huge range of colours, timber species, materials and installation styles available within the vinyl flooring category means there will be something for every preference and interior design style. There’s light and dark, warm and cool, timber and stone. Within each of these ranges there are also different levels of character, markings and even board width sizes. Something for everyone!


Is vinyl flooring good for a kitchen?

Vinyl flooring installed in a kitchen is a great option. It’s durable, easy to clean and some products are also water resistant. Perfect for busy family homes! 


What is the best mop for vinyl flooring?

Vinyl flooring is an easy-care flooring option and simple to look after. Use a quality mop and not too much water and ensure it’s not a steam mop. You can read all the details you need on our Vinyl Care page. 


What type of flooring is easiest to maintain? 

All flooring requires some level of maintenance to ensure it will look good for a long time. All carpet and hard flooring should be swept or vacuumed regularly to remove grit and dirt from the surface (which can lead to scratches and marks). Laminate and vinyl floors are excellent low-maintenance hard flooring options while solution-dyed nylon and polypropene carpet are also resilient.

Disclaimer: In some states of Australia, the building regulations for Vinyl Planks, Vinyl Tiles and Hybrid flooring varies. Meaning they may not be suitable for areas requiring water resistance, such as bathrooms and toilets. We advise to always ask your local Flooring Xtra store for the correct advice regarding the local regulations. We also advise to follow the manufacturer’s recommended installation instructions and guidelines, not following the instructions could make the product not fit for purpose, for the areas being installed into and void your product warranty. To ensure you get the appropriate product for those areas, please contact your local Flooring Xtra store.

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