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Published: March 31, 2021 Azolla in Corin bedroom carpet

Installing new flooring can be a big investment of both time and money, from the selection process to the installation. There are, however, professionals to help at every stage! Visiting a Flooring Xtra showroom you are guided by staff that have years of knowledge and experience who then refer customers to their own installation team. Why compromise your new flooring by not having your flooring installed by a professional? There are many benefits, explored below.


Flooring installers have a unique set of skills that mean the job gets done properly the first time around. They can see where any issues may arise and how best to avoid them because they do this every day. They are well-trained professionals who have immense product knowledge, can foresee any issues, ensure the flooring is level and aesthetically pleasing- and are very passionate about what they do!


Installing flooring requires specific tools and machinery that an everyday person will likely not have in their toolbox! Each material is different too and might need a particular cutting or laying method. They will also know how to operate the tools and machinery safely as well as well as having all the necessary safety and protection equipment. Installers are also well-versed in making exact measurements, ensuring the right fit.

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Save Money

It may feel like “doing it yourself” will save you money when in reality it can be quite the opposite. Installers are highly experienced and therefore will complete the job promptly, leaving you time to relax (or work!). They also will get the job done properly the first time around, avoiding costly mistakes. Installers have all of their own equipment too, meaning no hiring, borrowing or substituting tools likely needed to do it yourself.

Floor Preparation

Some flooring will require work before the new flooring is installed, adding another step for professional installers. This is something they can do efficiently as they do it frequently as part of their job! Floor preparation can include ensuring there is no damage underneath where the new flooring will lie, work done to level the space and removal of the old flooring (if renovating). Proper flooring preparation means the finished result will look fantastic for years to come.

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Flooring Xtra stores each have their own installation team. This works well for customers as it provides a seamless and professional experience from the first showroom encounter to the day your flooring is installed. Flooring Xtra believes so strongly in their installation team that their flooring comes with a Lifetime Installation Warranty for peace of mind.

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