Contemporary Family Living. The bright, inviting home of Annebel Goode from Studio Lux Interiors

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Juggling a busy design studio with a young family is more than enough to keep anyone busy, but designing and overseeing the build of her family’s forever home at the same time added another layer to Annebel Goode’s hectic schedule. In comparison to the busy life her family may lead, Annebel, of Studio Lux Interiors, has crafted an oasis of calm through a warm, tonal palette and a thoughtful floorplan. A home that accommodates their children, dogs, home-based business and celebrates the beautiful weather and outlook that Adelaide offers.

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The original home on the suburban Adelaide site was not conducive to modern family living and the vision Annebel had for her home. She began with a strong design in mind that balanced aesthetics with the practicalities of living with children and working from home. While there were distractions that almost prompted deviations from the original concept, Annebel stayed the path to create a timeless home and interior.

“The style of the home follows a modern coastal look for the interiors and palm springs vibe (for the) exterior. However, being a family of 5 with 2 dogs, I very much designed the floorplan and interior to be family- friendly. I think with so many influences/inspirational outlets out there in today’s world it was hard to not get side-tracked and want to change things, but inevitably I stuck to my style and created a home that I knew our family would love for years to come.”

The Studio Lux Interiors signature style is seen throughout, with fresh and bright colours warmed through the use of contrasting material textures. Wool carpets, oak laminate flooring, VJ panelling, brass and stone bring subtle depth to open-plan living spaces and contemporary bedrooms. Curved shapes are echoed across spaces showcasing Annebel’s skills in conceptualising a cohesive design.

“I love a really fresh, bright and neutral palette. To me, this is timeless and won’t ever date. If I ever feel the need to change things up, I have a great base to work with and can change smaller furnishes to create a new feel without breaking the bank. Quality finishes are a must. I know sometimes it can be hard to invest that little bit more initially, but in the long run, it’ll be money worth spending.”

QuickStep Perspective Nature Brushed Oak Warm Natural_Studio Lux_1818x2560 Quick-Step Perspective Nature in "Brushed Oak Warm Natural"

Finding a sweet spot between cost and concept is a difficult task, especially when the client is an experienced designer! Knowing everything that is available can cloud the decision-making process.

“We had to negotiate quite a few times with our floor plan to accommodate everything I needed/wanted for our dream home, but always trying to stick to our budget. So we had to be careful that the size of our home didn’t keep growing and consequently costing substantially more. I work from home too, so I made sure I had a nice big open study area to utilize but it can also facilitate the kids when they are older and need somewhere to do their homework.”

Flooring Xtra products feature beautifully throughout the home with Quick-Step Perspective Nature in Brushed Oak Warm Natural laminate in the living spaces and Saltbox Fair wool loop carpet in Wildflower in the bedrooms. There was a focus on tactility and looks, as well as durability with children and pets in the house. For the hard flooring, Annebel spoke of the benefits of laminate.

“As you know we have 3 kids and 2 big dogs, so having floorboards that would withstand those elements was particularly important. I also really wanted to make sure it still had the look and feel of real timber, so choosing a quality laminate was the best option to tick all of my boxes. I love how easy it is to look after. I vacuum every morning and it’s a breeze to clean. It looks and feels incredible and adds that all-important warmth to our entire home with its beautiful warm oak tones.”

QuickStep Perspective Nature Brushed Oak Warm Natural_Studio Lux_1764x2560 Quick-Step Perspective Nature in "Brushed Oak Warm Natural"

As for the carpet, it was all about how the fibres added to the overall interior design palette.

“If I’m honest, I just loved the look of it initially. It felt beautiful underfoot which was important. I love the benefits behind 100% wool carpets too. This is our dream home, so I wanted a carpet that would stand the test of time.

The installation process for both carpet and hard flooring took Annebel by surprise too!

“The flooring installation process was much quicker than I expected. Our floating floors were down within one full day and the carpet only took approximately 4 hours.”

There is so much to love about this beautiful home which Annebel and her family are now enjoying. From the open plan spaces and family-friendly design to the classic yet modern palette and design features, it’s a home that will be loved for years to come. The process of the build has been carefully documented across the @studio.lux.interiors Instagram handle, where followers have been able to watch the different stages progress. As a designer, Annebel is able to share so much wisdom. When asked if she had any flooring selection tips, she noted lighting is key.

“Showroom lighting can be really yellow and warm and consequently change the colour of the flooring considerably, so please keep this in mind. If you can take a sample home to see how it looks under artificial light (downlights), natural light (by a window) and also dim light (sun setting) this will give you the truest indication of its real tone and will help you make the right decision.”

You can see more of Annebel’s work on her website and Instagram @studio.lux.interiors

Images by @villastyling

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