Decluttering your home with experts on Space Invaders back for Season Four

By: Michelle, Published: February 22, 2024 spaceinvaders tvshow renovation collaboration

Season four of our favourite home organisational show, Space Invaders has hit our screens and we’re already several episodes into this inspired series. Cherie Barber, Peter Walsh and Angie Kent are back to help families who all have one thing in common- they are overwhelmed. There are many reasons homes reach the point of clutter overload and in the series, Peter works with the families to get to the bottom of the different scenarios holistically and how to declutter without feeling overwhelmed.

Flooring Xtra is delighted to take part in the show (for another season!), installing flooring throughout the homes. Flooring has an incredible impact in the overall interior design scheme of a home as well as how comfortable, efficient, and enjoyable it is to be in. We love how our Cape Le Grand carpet changed the spaces in Simon and Karisha’s home (episode 3). It not only gave a fresh look and feel, it also helped to minimise sound transference between the floors in their busy family home.

Space Invaders_S04E03_Livign room After.jpg

Episode 1 is another highlight, where the previously generous garage of Jo and Efrem’s home has become a storage facility for an old styling business. After a tragic accident impacting Jo’s ability to work, her props have made their way into the garage creating a chaotic and unusable space. After a major declutter (with Peter providing gentle decluttering assistance!) and functionality restored, Vivid Carpet tiles are installed to warm the space and increase usability.

Space Invaders-s04e01-Garage carpet tiles.jpg

There are many home organisational tips to take away from each episode that we can implement into our own lives, even if the state of clutter from the show is not the same. There are also many clear benefits to having a clutter-free house. Some key decluttering tips we have learnt from our experts are:


Clutter wastes time

As we so clearly saw in Episode 1, the lack of organisation or systems in a home can be very time-consuming. Trying to locate his musical instruments in the cluttered garage, Efrem expressed his frustration with the time and effort it took. This can translate to any home. Systems in place for school uniforms, sports equipment, washing and laundry items or technology can make the running of everyday life smoother and stress-free.


Clutter can impact the way we live in a home

How we interact with our family at home can be negatively impacted by clutter. As shown in episode 3, all of the older children in this home tended not to socialise with the family as they retreated to their bedrooms and personal spaces. A lack of space in the family room, covered in clutter, meant there was nowhere to sit, relax and socialise with each other.


Clutter can cost money

As Karisha and her family of dance enthusiasts frequently tried to find one of their thousands of dance costumes piled around the home, time was lost and money wasted. Understanding what you own and being able to access it with ease saves money by not replacing what you might have forgotten you already have.


Flooring Xtra looks forward to seeing what transformations the team pull together in the next episode of Space Invaders and the transformative impact flooring can have on the final result. You can learn more about Space Invaders and watch episodes on the 9Now website.



What carpet can be installed in a garage?

Carpet tiles are a wonderful solution for garages as they are incredibly tough and resilient to the everyday events that happen in garages (rain, oil spills etc.) We love a garage transformation and talk in-depth about the features and benefits on our blog.


How does carpet help with acoustic control?

Of all of the flooring materials on the market, carpet is the most successful at absorbing noise. Carpet with quality underlay is even better! If you have hard flooring, rugs are an excellent option. You can read more on our blog.


Can I install carpet myself?

Flooring Xtra stores have dedicated professional installation teams who are passionate about their job! It’s advised to use professional installers to ensure the correct laying of the carpet but also any pre-installation preparation work that might be needed. Relax and let them do the hard work!

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