Home Design and Psychology

Published: March 12, 2020 Quick-Step-Classic_cocoa-brown-oak_laminate_312x420.jpg

There is an undeniable link between our home and how we feel when we’re in that space. Homes and their interiors can make us feel warm, cosy, safe, happy and content- and this does not necessarily mean having a brand new, expensive home either. The best way to emulate these elements in your home is to define what is important to you.

The Calm Home

Try a serene colour palette, authentic materials, textural elements and places to find quiet (this can be as simple as an armchair or a bath!). Accessorise with the senses – candles, blankets, diffusers, plants and avoid jarring colours and patterns.

The Social Home

For many, a home filled with friends and family is the key to happiness. Design spaces for entertaining, including having furniture which is flexible to having people over often. Hardwearing and resilient flooring helps here too!

AquaLife Tamar Valley Oak Hybrid kitchen AquaLife in "Tamar Valley Oak"

The Happy Home

Surround yourself by things you love. Take inspiration from places where you have been contented, such as a lovely family holiday at a hotel, a shop, the library or even your favourite café- what do you like about these spaces? Draw inspiration from them. It’s also worth considering decluttering – knowing where everything is when you need it makes busy lives much smoother!

New Country Lexicon 1250x845 Bedroom corner New Country in "Lexicon"

The Loving Home

Homes are wonderful places to strengthen relationships and share love. Create places in the home away from distractions where you can talk with your friends, family or loved ones. These spaces should feel safe and secure. Soft finishes like carpets and rugs help from a flooring perspective.

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