How to choose the right rug for your space

By: Annalese, Published: May 31, 2024 Featuring the Atrium Natural Shapes Pilu rug, this image highlights the rug’s intricate pattern and neutral tones, which complement the light wood flooring. The space includes a cosy white armchair with a chequered throw pillow, a sleek black side table with a cup and small bag, and clean white walls, creating a stylish and inviting ambiance.

Rugs are the perfect accompaniment to hard flooring, where they add a beautiful layer and create instant comfort. Rugs encourage kids to play on the floor, protect the flooring underneath and can zone different spaces within an open play area. They can also help with the acoustics, comfort and even the thermal qualities of a home. The big question, however, is what rug will work best in your home?

Know your space

Just like every home and family are different, so too are the spaces within a house. It’s important to consider the following when choosing a floor rug:


  • High-Traffic Areas: Hallways, entryways, and living rooms are subject to heavy foot traffic. For these areas, opt for rugs made from durable and easy-to-care-for materials (more on this later!).


  • Low-Traffic Areas: Bedrooms and formal dining rooms may allow for more delicate materials but depending on your lifestyle these still might incur food spills and pets, for example.


Who lives here?

Who lives in your home? A retired couple of empty nesters will have less foot traffic and wear on rugs so their options might be a little more expanded. A family with pets, small children or just a busy family home might consider a rug that keeps these considerations in mind.


Perhaps your home is also open to more people! A holiday home, a furnished rental property or those in areas with lots of dust, sand and dirt will also likely need to consider a more durable rug solution. A rug is meant to be a beautiful and practical layer in your home, not a cleaning nightmare or hindrance!

Featuring the Studio Silver Texture 324 rug, this image highlights its modern geometric design in shades of grey and silver. The rug is placed in a bright and airy bedroom with natural light streaming through sheer white curtains. The space includes a comfortable chair with a leather accent pillow, a cosy bed adorned with grey blankets, and a green potted plant adding a touch of freshness. The wooden floor and minimalist decor enhance the room’s serene and inviting atmosphere, making the rug a stylish and functional addition to any contemporary living space. Studio Rug in Silver Texture 324

Pets and rugs

It has to be said, pets are sometimes a little messy! They can shed hair, they love to roll in all sorts of things outside, their paws and claws can damage materials and they may (yikes) even wee on the rug! Machine washable rugs, pet-friendly fibres and construction styles and easy-to-clean rugs should be high on your list if you live with pets. There are some excellent washable rugs to peruse, while outdoor rugs can also be fun. Rugs made from synthetic fibres are worth investigating as well as non-loop pile construction styles. We have rounded up some of our favourite pet-friendly rugs here.

Showcasing the Bubble Washable Blush Rug in Natural colour, this image highlights the rug’s soft, textured surface and plush appearance. Positioned in a cosy corner, the rug complements a cream-coloured armchair with a matching cushion and a rustic wooden side table. A cute curly-haired dog rests comfortably on the rug, adding a touch of warmth and homeliness to the setting. The concrete floor and minimalist decor create a modern and inviting ambiance, making the rug a perfect addition to any contemporary living space. Bubble Washable Rug in Natural Round

Getting the size right

Selecting the rug sizes is one of the most difficult decisions when finding a new rug for your home. This will be determined by a few factors and it’s important to get right. A rug that is too small will feel poorly considered but one too large might make the room seem cramped or smaller than it actually is. Read our guide for choosing the right rug size for more information and suggestions.

Choose the best material for your lifestyle

The material of your rug plays a crucial role in its durability. Here are some options to consider:


  • Polypropylene: This synthetic fibre is highly durable, stain-resistant, and budget-friendly, making it ideal for busy households.
  • Jute and Sisal: Natural fibres like jute and sisal are strong and environmentally friendly, but they may not be as soft or stain-resistant as synthetic options.
  • Wool: It’s soft underfoot and has excellent insulating properties. It’s also a renewable resource and there are some beautiful wool-blend designs on offer too.
Showcasing the Noosa Oval Rug in Natural 111, this image highlights its beautiful, earthy tones and textured design. The rug is elegantly placed in an entryway, complementing the rich wooden floor. Above the rug, a stylish wooden bench with a grey cushion provides a functional and inviting seating area, adorned with vibrant flowers in a wicker tray and a stack of books. A woven basket filled with cosy blankets sits nearby, adding to the warm and welcoming atmosphere. The abstract pink and white artwork on the wall enhances the modern aesthetic of the space, making this rug a perfect addition to any contemporary home decor. Noosa Oval Rug in Natural 111

Colour, texture and pattern

All of these style elements add to the overall look and feel of the room and as a rug is a large décor piece, it’s worth consideration. Start some visual research of rooms with rugs, whether that be on Pinterest, online or in magazines. What are you drawn to? Does it match the style of interior design in your home? What do you want the rug to visually do?


  • Colour: soft, neutrals will add a subtle layer but take note if they are cool or warm. Try to work within the palette at home, such as brown-toned timber flooring with warm neutrals rather than a cool grey, for example. Multiple colours are great for masking everyday dirt and grit and bolder colours will make the rug a real focus.
  • Texture: Highly textured rugs, such as shag style or those with a high/ mixed pile add visual interest as well as warmth. A flat weave is less textural but still brings another layer to the space. They are crisp and modern.
  • Pattern: It seems obvious to state but a patterned rug will draw the eye to the ground and become a feature while a subtle pattern (like a stripe) is more of a supporting décor element.

Rug shapes

There are a few rug shapes on offer and each brings something different to the overall vibe. Each shape also works well in different situations. A runner-style rug in a hallway, a round rug in an entry or awkward space. Read our rug shape blog that delves into this deeply!


Featuring the Atrium Natural Shapes Pilu rug, this image highlights the rug’s intricate pattern and neutral tones, which complement the light wood flooring. The space includes a cosy white armchair with a chequered throw pillow, a sleek black side table with a cup and small bag, and clean white walls, creating a stylish and inviting ambiance. Atrium Natural Shapes Rug in Pilu

Rug styles

Shag pile rugs, transitional rugs, flat-weave rugs and the list goes on. There are so many styles of rugs to choose from and each lends itself to different aesthetics. If your interior design sensibilities are strong, you probably know what style will work at home, but if you’re unsure that’s ok too. A bit of Pinterest searching will point you in the right direction. It’s helpful to know there are no real rules too. If you like something, you should choose it regardless of style! Here are some common rug styles and where they can work:


  • Jute: Jute is a perfect option for a relaxed space as well as coastal homes. They are popular in Hampton’s style interiors.
  • Flat-weave: These tend to be popular in modern interiors but they are also quite subtle, so can work across a range of interiors.
  • Shag-pile: Eclectic interiors, contemporary homes and spaces that are not too serious!
  • Stripes: Stripes are great when you want to introduce a pattern but don’t want to go for a floral or anything too attention grabbing. Stripes are incredibly versatile; they will work in homes both modern and classic.
  • Transitional rugs: Transitional rugs will work in classic homes as they reference traditional methods and history however the combination of old and new is also a very popular look! Teamed with contemporary furniture, a transitional rug can be interesting and warm.



How to clean a rug

Consistent and frequent care of any flooring will limit dust and dirt damaging either the rug/ carpet pile or hard flooring surface. Vacuum regularly and follow the Rug Care Guide for more information.


How to stop rugs from moving on wooden floor

Rugs are beautiful additions to any room but not secured they can become a slip or trip hazard. There are a few ways to deal with this. You can either anchor the rug to the floor with furniture to restrict movement or use a non-slip pad between the floor and the rug.


What type of flooring is easiest to maintain?

All flooring requires some level of maintenance to ensure it will look good for a long time. All carpet and hard flooring should be swept or vacuumed regularly to remove grit and dirt from the surface (which can lead to scratches and marks). Laminate and vinyl floors are excellent low-maintenance hard flooring options while solution-dyed nylon and polypropelyne carpets are also resilient.


Where can I buy rugs near me?

Our online rug store means you can buy a beautiful rug no matter where you are!



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