How to Select Carpet- Everything You Need to Know

Published: December 9, 2019

Sometimes it can feel like having lots of options to choose from is a curse rather than a blessing. Scrolling through Pinterest you’re sure to find many images of carpeted rooms which appeal- but how do you find the best product to replicate this look while knowing the product is right for you?

Here are our tips for selecting the right carpet for your home, where you can hopefully navigate the decision-making process with ease.


The material that the carpet is made from needs to not only enhance the space but fit with your home dynamic.

  • Family Friendly fibres need to withstand the everyday wear and tear that a busy home will create. Solution-dyed nylons (or SDN) are a great option as they have anti-stain characteristics and are wonderfully durable for places like hallways and stairs which tend to bear the brunt of high foot traffic.
Somerset Cottage - Cottage Creamy Cocoa
  • Along with SDN, fibres such as Triexta are wonderfully durable and have anti-stain and cleaning properties above other fibres. This is good news for pet lovers!
Corfu - Relax
  • Luxury- Nothing says luxury like pure Wool– it just feels (and looks!) fantastic. It has innate insulating properties, keeping you cosy in winter. It’s perfect for homes which will not be faced with a continual clatter of little feet and pet paws although with the care it will last the distance.
New Country Whisper
  • Low-Allergen- For allergy and asthma sufferers, they will be pleased to know that most Synthetic carpets are a wonderful option for their health due to the yarn. Luckily it looks and feels beautiful too!
Zen Garden - Green Tea


Considering the pile of the carpet is just as important to the fibre type. Some are more resilient than others and there are particular styles which lend themselves to different “looks”.

  • A loop pile is an appropriate option for a modern home because of the consistent look of the design. It’s also incredibly hard-wearing- making it a smart choice for those high-traffic areas. Not so great for pets, however, as their sneaky claws can pull the loops.
Azolla - Corin
  • A cut (or twist) pile is a super soft look and has the texture to match. A lovely selection for formal (or informal!) sitting rooms and bedrooms.carpets combine the two styles, creating a combination cut and loop This creates a pattern and works well in more formal spaces.
Andros - Village Path
  • A plush cut pile needs no real explanation! The twisted yarns feel completely luxurious and the perfect surface to sink your feet into when getting out of bed in the morning.


Ok, so you know a little more about the style of carpet and the fibre it’s created from- but what about the colour? This can feel overwhelming.

  • Dark colours are eye-catching, bold and tend to take centre-stage in a design scheme. They can also make a room feel cosy (or small) which can be both a good and bad thing, depending on what you’re trying to achieve. Charcoals and dark greys are modern, browns warm and darker neutrals can be quite a classic look.
Mapleton Falls- Sorrell

Light Colours are subtler and can blend in well to a fresh scheme. Lighter colours with a grey undertone tend to lean towards contemporary while those with a yellow undertone more classic- although there are always exceptions here! They can make a room feel crisp and spacious but can be a little less practical in terms of concealing marks and scuffs.

new country carpet anchor in bedroom New Country - Whisper

Coloured carpets are making a return, and this can be scary to some who immediately think back to the wild interiors of yesteryear. It doesn’t have to be this way though- think of lush navy blues, sage greens and blush pinks. A palette worthy of consideration- although certainly for those who are keen to make a bit of a statement…

Aegean Isle - Keros

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