How to select flooring for bedrooms

Published: October 10, 2016 Ophelia Osric Bedroom Emma Rose Design Ophelia in "Osric"

Bedrooms- the area in a home for rest and relaxation. Haven, retreat and sanctuary are some of the descriptive words which we conjure when we’re envisaging our dream bedroom spaces. This may not always be the case though when you consider nurseries, children’s rooms and guest suites, which may be more fun or childlike perhaps. So, how do we make the right choice in flooring for our bedrooms, to create the spaces we aspire to inhabit?



Carpet is a naturally cosy flooring choice, it’s beautiful underfoot when we get out of bed in the morning. Our feet planting onto a plush carpet when we wake up is the epitome of warmth and cosiness. Carpet visually works too when we are trying to “warm” up space, exuding a soft aesthetic. Given the bedroom is a space where not much eating or mess will take place (give or take a few sneaky breakfasts in bed!) carpets are a low-maintenance choice for the bedroom.

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Rugs are your friend

So you’re trying to achieve a warm space but you’re stuck with floorboards or tiles? Well, rugs are a great option to bring into the interior here. In fact, there are many benefits to be seen in using a rug in the bedroom. It brings the desired warmth to the bedroom but with the flexibility of being able to update inexpensively! Placing the rug under the bed so it is equal on either side is important for the overall feeling of balance. Rugs are also a great way to bring a hint of colour, pattern and texture to space without committing to a somewhat fixed finish. Ensure they are not a trip hazard however and that the ends lie flat against the floor, there is nothing worse than tripping in the middle of the night!

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Sleek and modern

Not all bedrooms aim to be the cosy retreat many wishes for, in which case, hard flooring such as timber, laminates or tiles are a great option. They are hard-wearing and easy to clean as well as working back with many schemes and colour palettes. Bed linens, curtains or an upholstered bedhead can visually soften a bedroom as well if you were wanting the look and feel of hard flooring but wanted a softer edge.

Van Gogh Light Distressed Oak modern bedroom

Nurseries and children's rooms

Here we’re often met with a conundrum as children are undeniably messy and playful little human beings. This makes a good case for hard-flooring, however, we want our young members of the family to play and be comfortable on the floor, which essentially makes carpet more suitable. Again, this is where rugs come into play as a fantastic mid-way option. It makes the space easy to clean and maintain if there are any spills or mishaps, while still being comfortable to sit on the ground and play. There are many gorgeous coloured and textured rugs available, which can make a child’s room even more appealing. It also doesn’t have to be an expensive investment, meaning when your little baby grows, so too can their rooms décor.

knight tiles rose washed oak with child's feet Knight tile in "Rose Washed Oak"

These are not the only option though, as fixed carpets can be a great solution if they are maintained properly. Always treat spills and marks as soon as possible to ensure the best removal result. Rugs can also be placed on top of carpet if you’re worried this may be too risky as well.

Essentially, like any interior design decision, there is not necessarily a right or wrong answer to every question. Flooring often comes down to taste and preference, particularly in such a personal space like the bedroom. Consider firstly how you wish the space to look and feel, weigh this up with the practical elements such as budget and maintenance, and your decision should become a little clearer. Good luck!

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