Keep Cool and Save Money with Blinds

Published: October 9, 2019

Hot, sunny days and uncomfortably warm evenings are synonymous with Australian summers, no matter what corner of the country you live in. Along with this comes energy bills in the mail which you don’t want to open- knowing very well what scary figures will be inside! Why not save money with blinds

There are certain things we can do, of course, to minimise these bills, which we’ve all heard before. Insulation, fans in place of air-conditioning etc. etc. The benefits of appropriately installed window treatments are one of the more successful options to keep the home cooler however, with the added benefit of keeping the home warmer in winter too. Yes, it’s an investment, but one which makes the home more comfortable, beautiful and efficient.

It’s important to have these window treatments installed correctly, by a professional if the budget allows. Each home is different, each window is different and what every customer wants and values will vary too. Flooring Xtra staff are knowledgeable and experienced to help you select the best possible blinds for your specific needs.

To optimise the energy efficiency of window treatments, consider the following:

  • Some window treatments are more effective in keeping the home cool. To block out the light completely is what you’re aiming for, so roman blinds, roller blinds, shutters and curtains do this well.
roman blinds
  • While some styles are more efficient than others, not every style of window treatment is suited to every window. This is where the experts come in handy! They will consider if the window/ door opens and in what way. They will also look at how the treatment can be installed.
  • Some fabric and material colours absorb heat differently and if your room is subject to lots of direct, intense sunlight then this should certainly come into consideration. Light colours tend to absorb the heat, so stick with this for a cooler room in summer.
  • Keeping window treatments closed during hot days may seem obvious, but it’s often overlooked. When you’re heading out the door to work in the morning, make an effort to close the blinds if you think it’s going to be an extra warm day outside.
  • Block out fabrics are something to really think about when selecting fabrics. They not only work well to keep a room lovely and dark to sleep in, but they also work well to keep the heat out in the warmer months.
  • Pelmets are designed to hide blind and curtain mechanisms but they act as another barrier in keeping the light and heat out of a room too. If the style of treatment you’ve selected and your window structure is suited to a pelmet design, it’s a worthwhile inclusion.

Now we’re heading into the warmer months, considering the window coverings in your home is an excellent idea. If you’re needing to refresh your flooring too, check out our amazing promotions. Click here to learn more.

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