New Year Flooring Resolutions

Published: January 13, 2022

Simple ways to extend the life of your beautiful flooring at home.

Health, career, money, love- these are the usual new year resolution goals, but what about making changes to improve your home environment? Caring for, repairing and proactively maintaining your flooring will seriously make your home look and feel significantly better for longer. Here are some simple resolutions to keep your flooring looking and feeling its best.

Regular Cleaning and Maintenance

A clean and organised home makes us feel better, more relaxed and organised (surely, right?!), and the floor makes up one of the most significant components of home maintenance. Regular care of floors will extend the life of both your carpet and hard flooring by removing dust and dirt, which can cause damage, wear and scratching. Every type of flooring has specific cleaning requirements that you can read about in more depth here for carpet, timber and laminate, hybrid and vinyl.

Quick-Step in “Massimo Winter Storm Oak Extra Matt”

All About Rugs

If you’re wanting to make changes at home, feel like a room is “missing” something, or if you’re after an affordable facelift (also if you’re renting!), rugs are an excellent option. They add depth and layering of texture, colour and sometimes pattern. They’re a relatively cheap way to add character to any room of the home. Selecting a rug can feel overwhelming and there are some great tips here. Start with a scan of Pinterest or Instagram to see what styles you’re drawn to and start from there. Choose the largest rug option for your space as a rug that is too small will always stand out. Try to think of what you would like the rug to “add”. Is it for warmth or comfort (something textured)? Is it to recreate a style you like (Bohemian, Shag, Modern, Kids etc.)? Make sure you care for your rug just as you do your flooring; it’s an investment after all!

Atrium in “Natural Shapes Pilu”

Shoes Off!

Simple right? Having a house rule to leave shoes at the front door will help minimise the transfer of the outside (dirt, mud, dust etc.) to the inside. Tiny stones caught in the bottom of a shoe have the capacity to scratch or damage hard flooring. Dirt, mud and dust can cause havoc on carpet and rugs. Let’s not even start with stiletto heels! Place a nice shoe rack, basket or storage ottoman at the front door (as well as a stool, chair or somewhere to sit) to encourage the new policy.

earth stone chamomile Earthstone Chamomile

Be Proactive

Life happens, spills and marks happen, parties, kids and pets happen. Flooring is meant to be lived on, but there will be inevitable spills, marks, scuffs, wine spilt, dirt traipsed through and a muddy paw or two. Ensure you attend to the marks as soon as possible when this happens. Prompt care will make lifting stains and marks a lot more likely to be a success.

Antique Archways in “Cascade”

Buy New with Care

If you are looking to replace flooring in your home or if you’re building/ renovating, there are many considerations you should make beyond budget and aesthetics. Selecting the style, material, and even colour of your new flooring should reflect the purpose of the space. Who will be using the area? Will it be in a high-traffic area? Is it in a rental or holiday home? Choosing hard or soft flooring to suit the answers to the above questions and more will help prolong the life of your flooring, which is a win for the earth and your wallet! There are some handy advice for starting your new floor journey here.

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