Perfect spaces for kids. How to style a nursery, kids bedroom or play space from the flooring up.

Published: November 12, 2021 Bass cove samosa Triexta carpet nursery

Rooms for kids are some of the most playful and fun spaces to design and decorate for children and parents. Like all areas of the home, practicality and functionality play important roles that are enhanced by the colours, materials and décor. Here are some of our tips for kid-friendly areas of the home, starting with the floor, up!


Carpet flooring provides a beautifully soft and comfortable place for babies and children to play, rest and grow. There’s nothing better than a cosy carpet to encourage lego, puzzles, movie time and other play. Perhaps you already have carpet in the bedrooms or home, but if you’re looking for new carpet, there’s a couple of things that you can keep in mind to help find the perfect carpet for your family and kid spaces. Nylon and polypropylene (synthetic) are particularly easy to clean and maintain (while still being soft) and wool carpets are great for those with allergies or asthma. Cut pile carpet styles are relatively easy to clean and are extremely soft, while loop piles are durable and don’t tend to show indentations from furniture. You can read more about carpet fibres and structure here. Kids will be kids, so regular vacuuming and prompt cleaning of spills will mean your carpet will look fantastic for longer.

Tromso Hennes Bayview One Darren James Interiors 1707 x 2560 Tromso in "Hennes"

Hard Flooring

Hard flooring, particularly of the vinyl, laminate and hybrid varieties, are wonderful child-friendly options. The same material can run in and out of different rooms seamlessly and can be an excellent base for décor and colour. Easy to clean and waterproof, Hybrid flooring is a great option from a practical perspective, while luxury vinyl is waterproof (depending on the brand), resilient and have superior acoustic properties (great for noisy children!).

Quick-Step Majestic Valley in “Light Beige”


If you have hard flooring in children’s bedrooms or play areas, rugs are an easy and affordable solution to bring comfort to the space while also protecting the flooring underneath. This is a suitable option for families in rental properties too, where you can feel like you’re adding personality to the room without changing anything permanently. There’s fun colours, patterns and textures to add a sense of playfulness as well. Check this link for some excellent options.

Atrium in “Multi Round Tutti”


Walls are a perfect place to add layers of individuality to a kid’s zone. Remembering that colour impacts mood and energy, pick colours that your children are going to like, while also promoting a relaxing environment. Washed out or pastel tones are great at finding this balance. There’s also art and posters with so many options to choose from. Create a board on Pinterest and see what you’re drawn to. Etsy, markets and Instagram are a great place to source affordable and fun art for kids. You could also frame their own art, handprints, holiday memories or get crafty yourself (or together!). Removable decals and wallpaper provide another way to lift the mood of a child’s room with so many cute, age-appropriate designs a simple google search away.

Bass cove samosa Triexta carpet nursery Bass Cove in “Samosa”

Lighting, Décor and the Finishing Touches

Depending on budget and taste, there are “high and low” options for decorating in abundance. For longevity, try to think beyond the stage your children are at currently. Will the bookshelf be appropriate in a few years? Can it be repainted? Can the chair be recovered or cleaned? Spaces that evolve with children are sustainable and smart. Don’t think everything has to be new as well! Scour Marketplace and Gumtree for quality pieces or see if something you already own could be repurposed (perhaps it just needs a lick of paint, a touch-up or a new, fun fabric?). Ensure there’s adequate storage, even ottomans with lids, beds with drawers and cute hooks for coats and bags. For fun, you can always add pendant lights, tepees, beanbags, canopies or even a bench seat for a truly special space for children to want to be in and enjoy.

Corkwood in “Gravel”

Disclaimer: In some states of Australia, the building regulations for Vinyl Planks, Vinyl Tiles and Hybrid flooring varies. Meaning they may not be suitable for areas requiring water resistance, such as bathrooms and toilets. We advise to always ask your local Flooring Xtra store for the correct advice regarding the local regulations. We also advise to follow the manufacturer’s recommended installation instructions and guidelines, not following the instructions could make the product not fit for purpose, for the area it’s being installed into and void your product warranty. To ensure you get the appropriate product for those areas, please contact your local Flooring Xtra store.

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