Space Invaders. Decluttering experts bring a fresh approach to people in need.

Published: March 27, 2022

We all have an area of the home that could do with a good clear out. Tupperware drawer full of random, unmatched lids, an overflowing bookcase or baskets of toys lying dormant. For the families featured in Series 2 of Space Invaders, currently on Channel Nine, this level of clutter and hoarding has reached a crisis point. The hoarding of rubbish, piles of clothes and inability to throw anything out causes real distress to the families who have made their homes unusable, and this is where the formidable Space Invaders team come to the rescue.

The experts, Peter Walsh, Cherie Barber and Lucas Callaghan approach each home and every family with love and care. Flooring Xtra feels immense pride in being part of this series, providing new flooring through several of the homes which have been transformed. “Working in this series we met many grateful individuals that make our jobs so rewarding and worthwhile,” said Marcia Heyseman from Carpet Culture Flooring Xtra. “Making a change to others’ lives and being seen by the public on television is extremely satisfying and encouraging. Working with the crew and being able to deliver in sometimes adverse circumstances gave a sense of pride and worthiness.”

Throughout each episode, the team tackle the home from all angles, starting with the people themselves. Getting to the core of the issue, Peter encourages a holistic approach to move forward while Cherie physically transforms the home. Lucas, the trash and treasure hunter, works through the clutter in search of items that might bring the family some additional cash or insight into what may lie underneath the rubbish.

Often, the flooring in these homes cannot be seen due to the piles of clutter let alone cared for. During the process of transformation, fresh flooring is installed where required, creating a welcome change both fundamentally and aesthetically. “The products chosen were considered thoroughly beforehand, often hybrid flooring or, my favourite, laminate. It not only gave the homes a modern look but are mainly waterproof and easy care,” said Marcia.

Every home has a story, and each episode reflects the diversity of the situations that have led to a cluttered house. Marcia explained how their team felt privileged to work with the series. “Every family helped stood out for different reasons and to see them get some of their life and freedom back was incredible. Your environment is key to how you perceive life.”

Missed an episode? Catch up on the brand-new season of Space Invaders on 9Now, click here.

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