Style Tips from Norway

Published: July 27, 2017

Our current Northern Lights holiday competition has got us all inspired by the Norwegian interiors. There is an effortlessness to their style which is to be admired but also an intelligence in their buildings, materials and furniture which we can transplant into our own homes here in Australia. Delving into Scandinavian interiors online is aspirational, to say the least, and here are our designer tips to take away from our Norwegian friends.

Celebration of materials

One of the most noteworthy elements of Norwegian interiors is honest and raw materiality. From furs and leathers to visible timber grains and wool carpets. This is simple to incorporate into homes in Australia by adding small elements like woven baskets or a timber stool. They can be rolled out in larger ways as well by painting walls soft grey, liming timber boards or installing textural wool carpets (hello Urban Instinct Range from Flooring Xtra!).

Responding to Nature

The Norwegians have a connection to nature and the outdoors similar to that of Australians. While we celebrate any chance of eating outdoors, having a BBQ, heading to the beach or national park, the Norwegians spend their weekend’s hiking and sailing when the weather permits. Because of this connection to nature and weather, their homes respond to the harsh winters by double or triple glazing, insulating and constructing homes in sustainable ways. Importantly, their colour palettes also respond to the weather, with the long winters countered with light and bright interiors. Layers of whites, beech timbers and lighter fabrics are utilised to create the sense of daylight which is particularly successful in winter when the daylight hours are sometimes as little as four.

Scandinavian inspiration wallpaper behind fireplace flooring xtra Get the look with this wallpaper available in selected stores

Quality- Buy Once, Buy Well

The old adage, Buy Once, Buy Well is truly a motto of the Scandinavians. While somethings may seem out of budget, it can be certain the Norwegians purchase everything with the mindset of investment. Having to replace the flooring, an armchair or a lamp in three years is not cost-effective or helpful for the environment. It’s something to keep in mind when making your next purchase!

Comfort is Key

Everyone knows how much we want to feel comfortable in our homes when winter rolls around. As the Norwegians are well versed on the cold, their homes are built with a focus on comfort. Natural linens, furs, hides, worn timbers, wool products and feather filled cushions are in abundance. By simply including a few of these natural and soft elements in our home we can literally and mentally create the illusion of warmth and comfort. Rugs are another great way to ensure beautiful timber or vinyl floors remain while adding the comfort of carpet underfoot.

Urban Instinct Wool Tromso Hennes 1250x845 loungeroom Tromso in "Hennes"

Keep it Light

As mentioned above, the Norwegians love a light interior to balance the harsh reality of a local winter. Aesthetically as a style however it is something which is tasteful and will be in style for a very long time. The key to a neutral colour palette is finding contrast outside of colour. The layering of texture and tone is helpful for a white on white space to feel comfortable and homely. Combine felts, wools, linen and cotton fabrics to contrast against timbers, leathers, stone and glass for a visually stimulating interior which also has a calming effect. Perfect for a busy home!

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