The important role of floor rugs in interior design. How the Selling Houses 2024 team have utilised rugs to change spaces in the new season.

By: Michelle, Published: April 15, 2024 SHA_S16_KeyArtMaster_LS_FLAT_SML-1


A fresh season of Selling Houses Australia on our screens has Flooring Xtra very excited! As with many previous seasons, Flooring Xtra has been working to install hard flooring and carpet throughout the new episodes. As Andrew, Wendy and Denis help struggling homeowners to prepare their homes for sale, impressive and transformative results are on full display. In the first 4 episodes of season 16, we’re noting how Wendy has utilised rugs to add warmth, character and, at times, adhere to budget to lift weary homes. Here are some expert rug notes we took away from the season so far.

Rugs add character

Sometimes a room calls for one more layer of character to feel complete. This may be because the colour palette feels a bit monochromatic or the textures are too cool. It can also be through the addition of straight or curved lines (an in-depth guide to rug shapes here!). Or maybe the room is calling out for a pattern! Whatever the reason might be, there will be a rug to suit, ranging from simple flatweave styles to bold patterns, or textured shag piles. We loved how Wendy incorporated Arabella Rugs on the floor into Episode 2 (Safety Beach) to soften the large expanses of timber flooring.

Selling houses Australia Arabella Natural Rug

Rugs can anchor spaces

Again in Episode 2, we saw how the rugs were able to anchor the furniture in large spaces. Having a rug under a lounge setting or dining in an open place living space, for example, is an effective way to “zone” different areas within a large one. It’s important to choose a rug that is large enough to feel substantial and considered. The rug should be larger in width than biggest piece of furniture it is near. Such as, a rug should be wider than the sofa, with the front legs (at least) of all the furniture placed on the rug so it doesn’t give the illusion of a rug floating about. We have a great placement guide to be informed before making a rug purchase.

Rugs add warmth

Rugs can add both physical and visual warmth to a room. Whether it be placed under the bed where your feet can be comforted first thing in the morning or a living space that invites play or relaxation, rugs bring warmth in abundance. In the cooler months, rugs can help add a layer of insulation to hard flooring- making being at home much more comfortable! The inclusion of floor rugs in Episode 1 of Selling Houses Australia (Tumby Bay) incorporated rugs beautifully. The flooring was able to be retained and admired while the church conversion benefited from the texture rugs adds.

Selling Houses Australia Allure Sky Rug

Rugs can lift and modernise outdoor spaces

As we see in most episodes of Selling Houses Australia, the alfresco and outdoor entertaining areas are often a focus for the refresh. That’s because we love spending time outside and appealing outdoor living areas are a real selling point of a home! Outdoor rugs are able to change the look and feel of these spaces enormously. Several episodes have highlighted this, where outdoor rugs have brought interest, warmth and colour or pattern when used. We loved the round floor rugs used in the bus renovation in Episode 4.

Selling Houses Australia Arabella Natural

Rugs are a low-cost alternative

New flooring throughout a home or renovation can be a big investment, particularly in large family homes like in Episode 2. When the budget didn’t allow, rugs were able to step up. Rugs can be a cost-effective solution for rooms or homes that require updating. This also can be the case in rental accommodation, where rugs gift the renter with the ability to change the look of a space without making any physical alterations! They can also last a long time if cared for correctly. Read our rug care guide to learn more.

Rugs link elements together to weave a story

Rugs are important tools for weaving stories. Different rug styles lend themselves to broader interior design styles. Such as a shag rug in a bohemian interior, a stripe pattern in a formal home, a blue rug or a natural fibre rug in a Hamptons-inspired home. Also, when moving home, the flooring will never leave and come with you, but rugs are different! They tell a history of a family or home while also having the ability to reflect personal taste and likes, similar to an artwork or special piece of furniture. How a homeowner chooses to decorate their home provides insight into their world!

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