The Ultimate Blurring of Indoor – Outdoor Lines

Published: February 23, 2017 Satara living

In many parts of Australia, we have the luxury of spending so much time outdoors with a climate that’s the envy of other countries. This is reflected in our architecture too, with new Australian homes designed to make the most of the outdoors through transitional spaces effortlessly flowing from inside to out. Large doors and windows facing gardens, courtyards and maybe even water if you’re lucky. These doors often move into outdoor living spaces too, whether it be decking, grassy areas or maybe paved where alfresco dining and relaxing can be undertaken. It’s in these spaces the outdoor rugs can become such a wonderful feature.

So what are the benefits of an outdoor rug? Firstly, they provide comfort underfoot in an outdoor living space, all the benefits of an indoor item but in our beautiful backyards. They are extremely durable too and for this reason, suitable for indoor use as well. The outdoor rugs of today are not only hardy but they’re also comfortable, making them perfect for kid’s areas or other high-traffic zones such as an entry, kitchen or hallway. Add to this, they are generally pretty cost effective too (which everyone loves to hear of course).

Outdoor rugs are easy to clean which is helpful if they’re placed unde-eating areas and can be even hosed down (how’s that for low maintenance!). This is because of the materials outdoor rugs are made from. As opposed to indoor carpets, outdoor rugs are generally constructed from synthetic fibres such as polypropylene. This is also good news if your gorgeous pet likes to be close by when you’re outside as the rug responds well to spot cleaning and vacuuming if required.

Outdoor rug Satara Seaside Seaside - 5555 White

Like the thousands of beautiful options for indoor rugs, outdoor rug styles are in abundance. There are so many colours, patterns and styles to choose from however they are generally flattering in design. This means you’re more likely to see a flat-weave style rather than a tufted low or high pile rug that you would find inside. Because of the colours, patterns and textures available, this provides us with a great opportunity to inject interest into an otherwise bland space, or maybe it’s just adding that extra layer to an outdoor area which needed the warmth.

There are no rules when it comes to selecting a rug colour or style for your outdoor area, but we say have some fun! It’s a wonderful way to be brave with colour in the sense that it doesn’t have to be too permanent. You are not painting the outside of your home a bright colour or selecting an expensive alfresco dining setting so maybe that green/ pink/ blue rug is what the space is calling out for. There are so many lovely neutral colours too if that’s what your home requires. Ensure the rug is big enough though, as there is nothing more underwhelming than a rug which is out-scaled by furniture or space around it. As a guide, the rug should be larger than the biggest piece of furniture it will be placed near, such as a table or sofa. Keeping in mind space for the dining chairs to be pulled in and out with ease if it’s sitting under a table.


Terrace- 5501 Black

Outdoor rugs are moisture resistant and treated to minimise fading. With this said, it’s still best to roll up a rug and store it if it’s not going to be used for a while. Ensure they’re 100% dry before storing as well. Even though they are designed to be an outdoor rug, you still need to take care of them, just as you would with any alfresco decoration item. Using the rug under a patio or veranda is best to ensure they last a long time. As you can see in our latest catalogue, outdoor rugs are also a fun alternative to the picnic rug, easy to store and a breeze to clean up once the party’s over.

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