The ultimate guide to selecting the right carpet for your bedroom

By: Samantha, Published: May 11, 2023 Botanic Garden in "Dew"

A well-designed bedroom is one with sleep in mind, but everyone is different and every home is different- the ideal bedroom will vary between two people. This might include soft furniture like an armchair or ottoman.  Bedroom interior design might mean ambient lighting, block out blinds and quality bedding with wellness in mind. The size restraints, natural light and climate can also impact our ideas of what a dreamy bedroom looks like.

Hard flooring vs carpet in bedrooms can be a big decision to make! It is undeniable that carpet adds a softness to bedrooms however a bedroom rug can also bring warmth if you still love the hard flooring aesthetic. So if you’re heading down the carpet route, what is the best bedroom carpet?


Softness plays a big role here when considering carpet and bedroom decor. While any carpet (or rug) will be softer than hard flooring, not all carpet is made the same. The pile of the carpet will impact the softness as well as the material it’s constructed from. The longer the pile the softer it will be, and it’s called plush pile for a reason! Cut pile twist is another soft design to consider as well. There are good options in both the natural and synthetic carpet fibre categories in relation to their softness. Wool carpet is, of course very soft but so too is carpet made from polypropylene and nylon.

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How to choose carpet colours for bedrooms

One person’s dream carpet is a light, natural loop pile while the next is drawn to the luxury of a super plush dark grey carpet. Any carpet will soften a bedroom space and add luxury so it’s best to be true to your personal style and the home’s interior design. Textured loop pile carpets are a very popular aesthetic currently and as a population, we tend to favour carpets in neutral colours. The best bedroom carpet colour is a very personal preference. If the room feels small or has little natural light, lighter colours can enhance a room while if you’re trying to make an oversized room feel cosy and there’s plenty of light then darker colours can be considered. For bedroom ideas head to our Instagram for inspiration.

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Polyester and wool. Budget, allergies and other considerations

Polyester and wool carpet fibres both make wonderful products and they are also very suitable for bedroom spaces. Wool and polyester carpet can be helpful for those who suffer from asthma as well, making for a comfortable night’s sleep. Like any surface in the home, regular cleaning will minimise dust and allergens. A dry vacuum will do the trick. You can learn more about carpet care here in our bedroom carpet maintenance guide. Bedroom carpet cost will also direct what is selected. Triexta, nylon and polypropylene are excellent budget choices.


The bedroom tends not to be a particularly high-traffic area of the home, but everyone wants their carpet to look good for longer! Some fibres and styles of carpet are particularly resilient which is good to keep in mind in family homes. In terms of the yarn type, solution dyed nylons, polyester and polypropylene are good options. For the style of pile, loop and textured loop piles are excellent in terms of durability. As mentioned, bedrooms don’t tend to have the foot traffic of a hallway or stairwell so options can be broadened if a particular style is desired.

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Heat retention

Wool carpet has natural insulating properties and can be a real selling point if you live somewhere particularly cool (wool is also biodegradable and renewably sourced). All carpets will add warmth regardless of what it’s made from however and the thicker the pile, the warmer it will be. A quality underlay will always help with heat retention, comfort and durability too so don’t forget that at carpet installation time! You can learn more about carpet underlay here. Carpet can also help to reduce energy consumption. Floors without carpet can account for 10-20% of heat loss in a home.


Every one of our Flooring Xtra stores is equiped with knowledgeable staff members waiting to help. So, when you’re ready to buy carpet, head into our flooring stores for expert guidance!


How can carpet underlay help prolong the life of your carpet?

Carpet underlay helps to keep carpet looking like new for longer by adding another cushioning layer to the floor. It helps protect the carpet pile to stay “upright” for longer. It also adds a thermal layer and aids in controlling sound travel within the home too.


What type of flooring is easiest to maintain?

All flooring requires some level of maintenance to ensure it will look good for a long time. All carpet and hard flooring should be swept or vacuumed regularly to remove grit and dirt from the surface (which can lead to scratches and marks). Laminate and vinyl floors are excellent low-maintenance hard flooring options while solution dyed nylon and polypropene carpet are also resilient.


How to clean carpet stains?

Carpet can be enjoyed for many years with care and maintenance. Extend the life of your carpet by promptly attending to spills and marks. Read our Cleaning Guide for spot removal tips and cleaning.

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