Three Sustainable Flooring Choices

Published: September 29, 2021 Merseyside Vista 612x420

Durable, beautiful, easy to clean. These are typical requirements for a home’s new flooring, but what about sustainability? Environmentally conscious shoppers are not the minority anymore as we become more informed and aware of the options available. Selecting flooring is no different, and it’s possible to choose the flooring you love that is also kinder to the environment and planet. Here are our top three sustainable products.


The feeling of walking across wool carpet is one of pure luxury. It’s a smart choice too, with Flooring Xtra wool carpets sustainably sourced from New Zealand. Wool is a natural product and one that is renewable and biodegradable at the end of its life. Wool carpet is also a natural insulator and fire resistant, making it a very useful carpet to live with every day.

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Timber Flooring

Timber flooring is an excellent flooring choice for many reasons and popular due to its distinct and authentic characteristics. Nothing compares to the beauty of real timber, and with care, it can last many, many years. Caring for timber floors may take a little more effort than its timber-look alternatives, but they can also be repaired and restored successfully too (read more about care tips here). Think of all of the beautiful period homes with the original, albeit repaired timber floors! Flooring Xtra timbers are sourced sustainably from carefully managed Australian forests. They also require less energy consumption during the production phases than timber-look products making it an efficient choice.

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EnviroTred Underlay

Often overlooked, but underlay itself is a sustainable material, extending the life of your carpet. Quality carpet underlay creates a layer of protection between the underfloor and the carpet, cushioning it for extra softness underfoot and lessening everyday wear and tear on the carpet itself. The longer your carpet looks and feels great, the less frequently it needs to be replaced and minimising waste by extending the life of your flooring.

EnviroTred is a unique product created by Dunlop. It’s manufactured using 90% recycled materials and is 100% recyclable, considering the product’s entire lifecycle. It works to absorb the impact of everyday use, allowing for less wear and tear on your new carpet. Best of all, it’s proudly Australian made ensuring that we continue to support our local economy. You can read more about the product here, and the collaborative commitment to Planet Ark.

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