Sometimes a slower pace is best. For homeowner Belinda, she knew that making careful changes, one step at a time would go a long way towards achieving her dream home. Owning a beautiful homewares store (Blush Lane & Co) and having an eye for design certainly helps, but it was the planning, prioritising and dreaming that has transformed this sweet Melbourne home. “I knew if I changed my flooring it would bring my home to the “now”. But more importantly, it would suit my own style and palette that had evolved over time. I knew it was that one big element that would bring everything together.”

With a budget in place and style in mind, Belinda chose a beautiful yet incredibly practical hybrid flooring. From dark and dated to fresh and current, her home is now a light and inviting haven with AquaSmart Blackbutt selected. A dreamy space to live and the perfect backdrop for her wares. “The colour and look were very important for me. The aesthetic of my home is a lighter palette with neutrals and I knew the light flooring will tie in perfectly. It brings a freshness and openness to my home and it’s super easy to clean makes my weekly mop much more enjoyable! I love my new flooring; it has completely transformed my home.”


Blush Lane Home Renovation AquaSmart Select Grade Blackbutt

AquaSmart in “Select Grade Blackbutt”


To complete the beautiful renovation, the carpets chosen were a textured wool pile. Belleza Orsano in Air Tunnel brings warmth underfoot while creating a sophisticated and current aesthetic. The two flooring materials offer a tasteful contrast of colour and texture while being complimentary in style and tone. A beautiful renovation from the floor, up!


Belleza Orsano Air Tunnel Carpet Blush Lane Co Stylist's home

Orsano in “Air Tunnel”


Belinda’s Interior Design Tips

Belinda is known for her tasteful and trend-driven homewares store. We asked her for some
top styling and design tips, from her house to ours.

  • Mood boards. They are an excellent tool for you to visualise and bring everything
    together. It just makes the process a little less overwhelming when you can see it in
    front of you.
  • Don’t feel like you have to buy everything new – sometimes all you have to do is
    make some cosmetic changes. My palate slightly evolved as I was drawn to more
    neutral tones, and they still worked beautifully with my existing pieces.
  • Fresh flowers are always an instant pick me up and lighting a candle too. This is
    especially important to me as I spend more time at home.
  • One of my favourite decorating tools is creating vignettes of beautiful objects.
    Collecting and arranging a group on your dining table or side/ coffee table (or any
    surface really!) in the living room is an instant “pick me up”. Try some fresh blooms,
    candles and a couple of your favourite ceramic pieces.


To view Belinda’s gorgeous online store and products, visit her website here or Instagram @blushlaneandco


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