Our Brands

Urban Instinct

Urban Instinct brings you luxury and design perfection. Being mindful of earth’s natural beauty and adopting the raw elements on offer from the outdoors then bringing them to life indoors. capturing the feeling of comfort and simplicity.

Soul Elements

Working in parallel with our busy lives. Soul Elements balances life and work in an active world – hard wearing and both kid and pet friendly, these ranges work hard for our families.


The pile (and backing) used in this carpet is 100% PET – and is made from recycled plastic soft drink bottles which are collect, washed, then cut into flakes, these are then re-polymerised and converted into PET chips.

Verve Concepts

High quality Australian made blinds – perfect for Australian conditions. They are designed to optimise light, manage privacy and improve thermal control. Achieve stunning results that will withstand time, meet trends.

Other Brands We Sell


STAINMASTER® carpet STAINMASTER® carpet is Australia’s most trusted carpet brand and has graced the floors of Australian homes since the late 1980’s. It offers food and drink stain resistance, luxurious comfort and durability. We all know that accidents happen! With STAINMASTER® carpet you can enjoy life’s moments because we protect against life’s messes.

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