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The Australian landscape is rich in diversity, from seemingly endless stretches of the outback to the beauty of the bush, the rainforest, and coastal regions. It’s these natural wonders that have inspired the new ranges under the Reside brand.

Drawing on the colour schemes, materials, and patterns of nature, the variety of flooring styles in Reside will complement all Australian homes. Each product within the Reside range has been thoughtfully curated to add warmth and natural beauty inspired by the landscape. Together with superior quality, resilience, and ease of maintenance, Reside will enhance any home.

Classic yet characterful in style, teamed with the finest quality materials and technology make Reside the perfect flooring
solution. Each product within the Reside range has been thoughtfully curated to add the warmth and natural beauty that the countryside offers. Reside is not just about aesthetics. It’s resilient, easy to maintain, and the perfect addition to busy homes.

Benefits and Features in Reside Ranges
Allergy Friendly
Easy to Clean & Maintain
Family Friendly
Fire Resistant *
Natural *
Scratch Resistant *
Stain Resistant *
Water Resistant *

Reside Carpet Ranges

Reside Hybrid Ranges

Reside Engineered Timber Ranges

Reside Laminate Ranges

Reside Vinyl Ranges

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