100% New Zealand wool and Australian made, a combination worth sinking your feet into.

This is carpet designed for family living, where togetherness, play and relaxation are celebrated.

A healthy home is a happy home; wool is a natural material that is allergy-friendly with odour reducing qualities, purifies the air and is an all seasons solution. While never compromising on beauty, Wooly is affordable for new and growing families.

A textured loop design means your carpet will become the feature, building a warm and inviting interior for your family home from the floor, up.

New Zealand wool is the best in the world for making carpet, partnered with quality manufacturers, Wooly ticks all of the boxes for families mindful of using quality natural materials in their family environments. It encourages relaxation, comfort and warmth- everything you could possibly want from your carpet and with a friendly price tag. This is wool carpet reimagined.

Benefits and Features of Wool
Natural Wool is an amazing biodegradable and renewable material, grown all year-round on the back of Australian & New Zealand sheep needing just water, sunshine, fresh air and grass to grow. Wool is a completely natural fibre that is safe for use in any Australian home. Wool is a completely renewable resource in that it is harvested from sheep, and can be regularly harvested every 9-12 months as the fleece grows back on the sheep.
Fire Resistant Wool carpet has natural fire resistant properties. Due to its high levels of nitrogen and water content, wool will not ignite easily and is able to self-extinguish. The natural fibre if ignited produces less smoke and toxic gas than other floor coverings. Wool is a safer floor covering choice for homes and also perfect for creating a warm and cosy home.
Hypoallergenic Hypoallergenic Wool carpet is an efficient fibre. It absorbs and effectively removes potentially harmful indoor pollutants from the air, therefore purifying the air in homes. Wool is able to absorb moisture from the air which may lessen the chance of mould growth. It is also able to trap allergens like dust and pollen in the carpet fibre and retain them until vacuumed out. Wool carpet is a healthy choice.
Insulating Wool is a natural insulator. Carpet can be up to 10 times more insulating than hard floorcoverings. The thicker the carpet the more insulation a home will enjoy, especially when using a quality underlay under the carpet. Wool is an ideal choice in any climate creating warmth in the winter and cool relief in Summer. Whilst helping to regulate room temperature, wool carpet also saves energy, which helps to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and is a cost saving for households. Wool can help control humidity in a room, it absorbs the moisture to maintain a balanced environment.

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