We don’t know about you, but we have been loving each and every episode of Buying Blind each week. It makes for riveting viewing- edge of your seat kind of stuff with every family and couple handing over their life savings and creative control to the experts. This expert trio consists of Rich Harvey, Buyers Advocate, Shaynna Blaze, Interior Designer and Marshal Keen, builder. Here we break down the first three episodes, surely it’s smooth sailing with these professionals…


Episode 1

In the first ever Australian episode of Buying Blind we see the vivacious Wollongong couple Jess and Fotis search for their dream home as they bunk in with Jess’s family while doing so. This is not ideal for newlyweds looking to start a family! The search is broadened to accommodate the budget as the couple accept they may have to live further out from where they originally wanted. But, with the help of the team, a large family home with views over the water is transformed to include everything Jess and Fotis were hoping for.



The home ticks boxes for the size, number of bedrooms and even room for a home music studio. Needless to say, they both are in love with the end result and can’t believe their hard-earned dollars have been able to go this far. Of course, Flooring Xtra’s beautiful carpet features as part of the overall classic-but-fun scheme that Shaynna has constructed. Forest Retreat in Pilliga works a treat as the soft grey compliments the existing boards throughout.

Buying Blind Fotis and Jess House

Episode 2

In Victoria, a different sort of home is being sought. Lis and Ali are a couple with three young girls who have been trying to crack the property market in an area about an hour out of Melbourne. With community at the centre of their house hunt, they do not want to compromise on location- even with a budget which is going to prove near impossible.





Of course, the team pull this off, even with the regular hiccups that happen along the way behind the scenes of any project of this scale. The result is a pretty family home that really isn’t cutting any corners. Sitting in a lush little garden, the girls’ reaction to their new play area and fairy corner was worth all the stress of completing the renovation in time. The interior is fresh and breezy, with just enough space for the whole family. Our AquaSmart hybrid flooring in Messmate will be a breeze for the busy couple to maintain and the Tuckeroo wool carpet in Walnut will keep everyone cosy throughout the year. This episode was full of “feel-good” vibes- we’re hooked!

Buying Blind Lis and Al

Episode 3

This week brings us Sydney-siders Mags and Tyson. To say this young couple are well-researched and organised would be an understatement. While they have a generous budget, they’re very particular and also require the property to allow a dual-occupancy to help with their mortgage in Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

Buyers advocate Rich finds a gem after a stressful hunt and hands over the equally stressful design and renovation to Shaynna and Marshal. As the deadline looms, the mood intensifies. In the end, compromises are made but the overall result is quirky, fun and most importantly of all, exceeds the couple’s expectations.


Avante Oak on the floor works so well in the coastal home, adding to the contemporary and light feel. Mags and Tyson are overwhelmed with the results in the end, and a collective sigh of relief is heard amongst the team.

We can’t wait to see what the next few episodes bring and how our beautiful flooring transforms these lucky people’s homes!