While the benefits of hard flooring with pets are quote obvious (hello muddy paws!), carpet and rugs can work too. If new carpet is on the cards and you’re a pet lover, here are some considerations while making selections.

Carpet Structure

The carpet pile refers to the way each individual carpet strand is constructed, whether it be loop, cut, plush etc. If we consider how the paws of dogs, and particularly cats, are different from human feet, we need to think about which would be best suited to them as well as us. Select a non-loop design as this is less likely to be caught on their claws and look scrappy over time.

Cat Carpet

Carpet Colour

Light coloured carpets will tend to show marks, scuff and accidents more obviously than darker styles. With this said, all carpet regardless of colour requires maintenance and prompt action if spills or accidents happen. There are some great tips here for carpet care.

Cedar Falls Ivory With Dog

Cedar Falls in “Ivory”

Carpet Fibre

Nylon and polyester are great fibres for pets (as well as humans!) as they’re comfortable underfoot while being incredibly durable and easy to clean. Dogs and cats may have accidents occasionally and also unknowingly bring in dirt and debris from outside in. Carpet needs to look and feel great, but we also don’t want to become a slave to it with the constant fear of staining (particularly if you have kids, pets or it’s a very high traffic area).

Sanctuary Falls Plantation

Sanctuary Falls in “Plantation”

Carpet Tiles

While this option won’t be perfect for every interior, the benefits of carpet tiles with pets is very obvious. If some irreversible damage does happen, individual tiles can be replaced without having to replace an entire room of carpet.


Rugs are wonderful décor items but they also have another job- protecting the floor underneath from wear and damage. If there’s a particular area of the home you’re worried that your pet may destroy, consider a rug! Our pet-friendly selections are here.

Zanzibar rug leather sofa

Zanzibar 761 in “Navy”

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