What comes to mind when you think about carpet tiles should be pushed aside. No longer are these squares of carpet purely for the commercial office landscape. Think of all the benefits and flexibility that the carpet tile provides the commercial industry, then translate it to the world of residential interiors. Tough, flexible and easy care with new technologies to allow for beautiful and tactile designs as well. Welcome to the new world of carpet tiles for homes. It makes a lot of sense!

Areas such as living spaces and bedrooms can benefit from the softer, block tones and colours. Try charcoals, chocolate or lighter naturals for these spaces. Rooms such as playrooms, theatre rooms, home gyms and hallways can hold pattern and colour with more ease. Be bold and brave when it comes to carpet tiles in these areas, have some fun!

Ease of installation

One of the most important facts to consider about carpet tiles is their ease of installation. While you may think this does not effect your choice, it will influence the overall cost, wastage and time involved in the installation. In other words, ease of installation does matter.


Given the tile square is largely for commercial applications, it is no surprise that the general strength of the product will be tough and hardy. Offices and other commercial settings demand a great deal from their floor coverings, with much more foot traffic than your average residential space. Put this product in a residential context and you have a product which is designed to withstand more than just your average wear and tear, even if you have a household of energetic children! Think of the possibilities in your home, particularly in the high usage areas, such as living spaces, hallways and entrances.

Longevity of finishes in a home is such an important consideration. Not only for the aesthetic purposes of having a product which continues to look good, year in and year out, but it will also save you time and money not having to replace the carpet in the not too distant future. If you have ever re-carpeted a room filled with furniture, you will appreciate knowing that it is something you may not have to do again for a very long time with carpet tiles!

Cost Effective

Carpet tiles are a cost effective floor covering making it an even more appealing option. This is largely due to the pre-installation process being a lot less involved than that of a broadloom style carpet. The tiles are easily and cheaply packaged and transported, there is little waste and the cost to repair any damage is a lot less expensive. While the initial out-lay is generally less than that of conventional carpet styles, consider the post-installation up-keep and associated costs being reduced as well. Yet another benefit.


With little explanation necessary, you only need to use your imagination to recognise that replacing a singular stained or soiled carpet tile is a lot less difficult than a whole area of broadloom carpet. While there are a great deal of fantastic products to clean carpet, should the stain be too stubborn, a carpet tile replacement is not a difficult feat.

As we have discussed, these tiles are designed for commercial application, so you can rest assured that they are resilient, even more so than those designed solely for residential purposes.

Design possibilities

The visual possibilities that carpet tiles allow are endless. Of course in a residential setting, block colours for carpets are going to be a great option from which to build your decorative scheme upon. The floor selection, along with walls are the most dominant presence in any interior and can inform the rest of your design. With this said, there are a multitude of beautiful and striking designs which can be created from flooring tiles. From geometric forms through to boarders and block colours, the options are endless!