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There is something about a cosy bedroom that appeals to even the most minimal décor enthusiast, particularly as we head to the heart of winter in the Southern Hemisphere. Carpet, especially some fibres and when a quality underlay is installed, is an insulator, helping to keep the bedroom warm and comfortable. Wool is very good at ensuring a room is cosy as the fibres naturally hold heat by not letting it escape because of its composition. If your heart is set on hard flooring, never fear, a beautiful rug will add instant warmth and look fantastic too.

Urban Instinct flooring xtra brand exclusive sale wool carpet in new country anchor

New Country- Anchor


With many new homes tending to lean towards a contemporary and open plan style, having the one flooring material flow through each space, regardless of function is a key element of this. With new technologies emerging, some hard flooring styles can be installed through wet areas to bedrooms and living spaces. This is a truly seamless and modern look.

Coastal Haven- Point Leo Charcoal



There are a lot of factors at play here. For example, some rooms will need preparation before certain hard flooring can be installed, bringing the cost up slightly. There are also large variances of style and material of both hard and soft flooring, meaning there are options to suit any budget for carpet and hard flooring. Confused? Don’t be! The best way to find an accurate idea of cost is to speak to a Flooring Xtra store to determine what will be the best option for your home and importantly, your budget too.

Audacity Driftwood



Comfort is personal, and each individual will gauge for themselves what they determine to be comfortable or not. With this said, arguably carpet is more comfortable both for walking on and sitting on. Nothing beats placing your feet on soft carpet straight out of bed on a winter’s morning. Remember though, rugs can do this job too!

Andros carpet flooring swatch in village path - lifestyle bedroom

Andros- Village Path



Finally, what type of look and feel are you hoping to achieve in your bedroom? And indeed, as an extension of the rest of the home? Is it luxurious? Fresh and coastal? Is cutting edge contemporary? Soft and feminine? Each interior style lends itself to a particular material and colour, whether it be hard or soft flooring. Collect images of bedrooms you love and you will notice how important the role of flooring is in establishing this look. Imagery is a great place to start to interpret your sense of style. It also helps the Flooring Xtra team point you in the right direction to ensure you select the perfect flooring for your bedroom.

Sanctuary Falls Plantation

Sanctuary Falls- Plantation


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