Carpeting the garage may not be on the top of everyone’s to-do list, but the merits of this relatively cost-effective addition are countless. As it’s an unknown for many, we explore the commonly asked questions and benefits of installing a resilient carpet in this space.


How does the carpet differ to that of indoor carpet?

The carpet which would be installed in your garage is very different from that would be inside your home, such as in a bedroom or living room. It’s built to be tough, in fact, you can drive on it, drip oil on it or bring water from outside (such as a wet car driven in from the rain) with no problems at all. This garage carpet doesn’t stain, doesn’t rot and with some simple maintenance and care, spills and smells are reduced. The fibres and pile of the carpet are different too, constructed from commercial-grade polypropylene and flatter in appearance compared to residential carpet. Garage carpet is available in a range of colours and styles meaning there’s sure to be an option for your home.

Why invest in a carpet in this room?

The benefits are endless, but essentially we feel the biggest positive is bringing additional purpose for the space. Spare corners of the garage, if space allows, can be transformed into a home gym, an office, rumpus room or even band practice area. It doesn’t necessarily have to add function to the space either, it can just make a home workshop more comfortable to be in, in terms of warmth, noise absorption and more pleasant to stand on for long periods of time.

Adding purpose to the garage can also free up more space inside the home, such as creating a spare bedroom if you have moved a home office to the garage, for example. As we spend more and more time at home, it can pay to think about how we really use our home and what will make it more enjoyable and efficient to be in.

From a practical perspective, having carpet in the garage also helps minimise dirt and grit brought into the home, which is good news for your flooring inside. This is particularly important if you park in your garage and come into the home straight from there.

Will my garage be suitable for carpet?

There are a few considerations here, such as the current condition of your garage floor so it’s best to speak to an expert. Calling or visiting your nearest Flooring Xtra store is a great start, they would love to help! It may seem like a simple DIY project for home, but talking to an expert about your specific home, needs and installation is imperative to ensure that you can enjoy your spruced up garage for years to come.

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