After finally choosing a colour, style, pattern, shape and size of your rug, let’s learn everything you need to know about looking after it. We promise it’s more straightforward than choosing which one to buy!


First Things First

Always check when you buy your rug if there are any specific care instructions. Sometimes there may be a special note or advice given due to the particular fibre or style of rug.

Rug Skandi Grey Urban 301

Rug: Skandi Grey Urban 301

Be Prompt

Like so many other flooring products, be quick to clean any spills or accidents on the rug. There’s a much better chance of completely removing marks and stains if they’re treated as soon as possible.

Rug: Atrium – Blue Jute Polo

Rug: Atrium – Blue Jute Polo

General Maintenance

As with carpet and hard flooring, consistent care regardless of spills and marks will extend the life of your rug. Dirt and grit carried by shoes and general use will wear the fibre, so frequent vacuuming and shaking out of the rug (if possible) is necessary. Keep in mind rugs are often in place to protect the flooring underneath so can catch more dirt than we might realise.

Rug: Everest – Multi Texture 1650

Rug: Everest – Multi Texture 1650

Choose the Right Vacuum

Always select the gentlest application on the vacuum head. It’s less abrasive on the fibre and will help keep your rug looking fantastic for longer. Vacuum heads which revolve or move can wreck the carpet pile so they’re best avoided.Rug: Dimensions – Pink Loom

Rug: Dimensions – Pink Loom

Rotate the Rug

One great thing about rugs is that they’re not fixed. By rotating the rug you can avoid uneven wearing which becomes particularly evident if it’s in a high traffic area.

Spot Cleaning

Many marks are caused not by the original accident (such as coffee) but the residue left behind when not rinsed or removed properly. This creates a bigger problem as more dirt and grit will attach itself to the area. Always remove as much of the spill as possible before cleaning the area. If it doesn’t lift the first time, wait until it’s completely dry before trying again. Never rub the mark and move from the outer edges of the mark inwards to avoid spreading.

Rug: Visions – Silver Diamond 5051

Rug: Visions – Silver Diamond 5051


Different Materials, Different Treatment.

Not all materials are the same. If you spill something on a wool carpet, blot the area with layers of un-dyed paper towel. Sisal rugs don’t respond well to lots of liquid so try to soak up as much as you can with a paper towel as well. Flatweave rugs can be treated with some small amounts of shampoo but as with sisal and wool, blot first and don’t rub the area.

Rug: Skandi – Black Herringbone 308

Rug: Skandi – Black Herringbone 308

If in Doubt, Ask

There are professional carpet cleaners for a very good reason! If you’re nervous about a particular spill or mark and not sure how to fix it, calling in the experts is a fool-proof option, albeit more expensive. We recommend having your rug professionally cleaned a few times a year regardless of specific marks or stains. Knowing your beloved rug is in the best hands is worth it!


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