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At Flooring Xtra we love to support our community! We have teamed up with a bunch of talented interior designers and stylists over the years to bring their visions to life. Our fabulous flooring options are complemented by their unique designs, allowing us to showcase our products in a variety of settings and styles.  

Our Projects

The Studio with Shaynna Blaze

Shaynna Blaze

Housing two creative businesses, this refurbished Victorian building is given new life while allowing the history to remain present. The successful merging of old and new is no surprise, given the brains behind the space and the client is the same person, creative powerhouse Shaynna Blaze. Flooring Xtra was more than happy to assist with the flooring on this beautiful project and hear Shaynna’s thoughts on the design process.

Front Porch Properties - Zen Garden - White Sand
Fronch Porch Properties Collaboration
Front Porch Properties - Zen Garden - White Sand

In the unique suburb of Brookfield, the landscape is that of rural Queensland living. The blocks are generous and covered with trees and greenery. Yet a short 15-minute car trip finds you in the city of Brisbane. For Rachel Turner’s clients, they wanted to capture these small-town elements in a beautiful, practical home for their young family.

Coastal Charm

Walking up the unassuming, Tea Tree lined driveway on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula, visitors are greeted with birdsong and the sounds of distance surf roaring. Once through the front doors…

Worker's Cottage

With designer James Treble on hand, this Sydney worker’s cottage underwent its most transformative renovation yet- rectifying years of patchwork flooring repair.

Coastal Cottage

Based on the sunny central coast of NSW, Rachael and Andrew from Loverdeamers built their dream home. Flooring plays a major roll in any home acting like a backdrop that ties in the home.

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