During this time of uncertainty, it can be a great help to feel comfortable and happy within the walls that surround us at home. While it may not be the time to head out to the local shops to buy a carload of new homewares, there are things you can do from home, that are inexpensive to make your space feel loved.

Here are some ideas from our resident stylist, Annalese Hay, which look at “shopping” and styling with what you already own.


  • First things first, walk around your home. Are there things which feel cluttered? Unloved? Now is an excellent time to have a great deep clean, put things aside to donate, ditch or reinvent.

  • When I have time, I love to create little styled vignettes at home. Perhaps on the coffee table, bookshelf, dining table or even the kitchen island bench. Group items together (odd numbers work best!) such as a vase, a bowl of fruit and a candle. I like to “ground” vignettes with a tray. No tray? Books are a home’s greatest accessory. On the coffee table or sideboard place a beautiful book. Layer with something from nature like a shell or pebble and another small object, like a small potted plant or a decorative dish.


  • If you’re lucky enough to have a backyard and access to plants, bring them indoors! Flowers and foliage instantly lift the mood. They don’t need to be grand. A few stems in a jar in the bathroom or some branches with leaves in a larger vase on the dining table work beautifully.

Forest Retreat Blackbutt

  • Get creative! Sort through children’s artworks, travel photos or memento’s and create a gallery wall. You might not have all the frames ready to go home, but playing with the arrangement with temporary adhesive now will mean you’re ready to install the artworks properly once you can leave the house again.

Flooring Xtra Hybrid Hinterland

  • Make the bed properly every day. When the world feels chaotic, there’s something nice about having a well-made bed. I’m not talking hospital corners here, I mean pull the covers up, sit up the pillows and plump one or two cushions. A throw at the end of the bed and you have a hotel room!

AquaSmart Washed Oak

  • Give items a new life. An old sheet? Could it be made into cushion covers? An old jar becomes a pencil cup or vase for the bedside table. An unwanted pot, strainer or tin from the kitchen is a new vessel for a propagated plant… Use your imagination… or jump on Pinterest for a world of inspiration.

Integral Laminate Flint

  • Spending a lot of time at home is also a great opportunity to re-think the layout of your furniture. Move things around and you will be surprised how fresh and new the home will feel. Create a reading nook by moving an armchair to a corner with a lamp and a side table or swap bedside tables between rooms for example.

  • Do you have a bare wall and no art? Re-think the concept of art is a painting behind a glass pane. Raid the cupboards. A drop of beautiful fabric, a kimono, travel photos, a small floor rug, children’s art, posters, maps, pinboards, garlands, hanging plants and many other things can be considered art. Time to think outside of the square.

  • If you’re working from home during this time, take special care to create a positive workspace. You may be lucky to have a whole office room or maybe it’s the end of the dining table. Either way, make sure you have a comfortable chair, adequate light and something inspiring close by, whether it be a candle, plant or family photo.

With all of this said, many of our beautiful home décor retailers (and us at Flooring Xtra!) are adapting to new ways of shopping if you want to continue to purchase, with online shopping and even Facetime consultations. We’re all in this together.


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