Pulling together a look for your new home or undertaking a renovation can certainly feel like a daunting task. Where do you start? What colours work well together? Do you want a cool or dark scheme? It’s always helpful to engage a designer if this sits within your budget, but we have also taken some time to collate some special schemes for those who just need a nudge in the right direction. You can see below there are some palettes to suit any home, old or new, classic or contemporary. They are broken into three price brackets too to suit the budget you’re working towards.


So, where do you start? Firstly, it’s important to assess the space from a practical point of view. For example, small spaces can be made brighter by using a lighter palette, in turn, darker schemes can make a small space cosy and a large space sophisticated. This may be helpful in narrowing it down straight away. Then, try and write some key words down which describe the space you would love to live in. Think: coastal, slick, warm, inviting, sophisticated, modern, clean, timeless or on-trend. Many of these words will also guide you in the right direction. In fact, there is a “coastal” palette to be found in board 3, or a cosy/ warm/ inviting scheme displayed on board 1. Most of the boards include some great descriptors to set you on track.


While most homes are well-trodden, those with families and pets endure particularly high traffic flow. This can make it tough to select new flooring. While we want the flooring to look great (who doesn’t?), the issues of general wear and tear creep back into the evaluation of products, impacting the choices we can select from. There are also investment properties, homes on a budget or just savvy decision makers out there too that don’t want to spend their hard-earned dollars on flooring which will be showing signs of ageing after a few minutes. This is why we’re so in love with the Soul Elements range of products- why should you have to compromise on style or quality when you can have both at a reasonable price?


You can see many of the Soul Elements products in the gorgeous boards curated below, from earthy and tonal through to cool and contemporary. Soul Elements encompasses carpets and hard floorings, from oak to vinyl planks. The carpets are inviting and soft underfoot, coming in a range of modern tones. The hard floorings are available in various width options and again, the choice of colours and stains is spectacular while the board repetition is minimal. The best part of Soul Elements is that you don’t have to be precious about it being installed in your family home. The carpets are treated with stain resistant technology (hello dinner parties and kids with dirty hands!) and this doesn’t wear off. The timbers too are well-suited to a family home. With a minimum 20 years’ warranty, you know you’re getting a quality product.


Pinterest and Instagram can leave your head spinning, so leave the work to us. Take in the gorgeous selections below, which also include finishes from Haymes Paint, Laminex and Essastone to complete the picture for your home re-imagined. Have fun!




  1. Laminate: Tea House ‘Fukamushi’ (coming soon!) Carpet: Pure Balance ‘Wellbeing’ Paint by Haymes: ‘Deep Buff’, ‘Gunpowder Smoke’ & ‘Minimalist 2’ Essastone: ‘Bitumen’ Laminex: Timber Veneer ‘Rimini Walnut Crown Cut, Matt finish

  2. Laminate: Tea House ‘Guricha’ (coming soon!) Carpet: Pure Balance ‘Spirit’ Paint by Haymes: ‘Thunder Bay’, ‘Greyology 5’ & ‘Marble Mist’ Laminex: Impressions ‘Chalky Teak 009’ nuance finish & ‘New Graphite 486’ nuance finish

  3. LVP: Secret Temple ‘Rutog’ Carpet: Namaste ‘Firefly’ Paint by Haymes: ‘Whitewash 5’ & ‘White On White’ Essastone: ‘Fino Venato’ Laminex: Impressions Riven Finish ‘Rural Oak 077’

  4. LVP: Secret Temple ‘Bamda’ Carpet: Namaste ‘Garland’ Paint by Haymes: ‘Greyology 5’ & ‘Modesty White’ Essastone: ‘Zinc’ Laminex: Impressions ‘Chalky Teak 009’ nuance finish & ‘Lustrous Elm 274’ nuance finish

  5. Timber: Forest Retreat (Oak) ‘Pilliga’ Carpet: Zen Garden ‘Cobble Stone’ Paint by Haymes: ‘Pale Mushroom’, ‘Marble Mist’, ‘Gunpowder Smoke’ & ‘Chlorophyll’ Essastone: ‘Monte Cervino’ Laminex: ‘Blackened Linewood 338’ nuance finish

  6. Timber: Forest Retreat Aust Species ‘Blackbutt Wide’ Carpet: Tranquil ‘Retreat’ Paint by Haymes: ‘Minimalist 2’, ‘Minimalist 5’ & ‘Balsam’ Essastone: ‘Calcite’ Laminex: Innovations ‘Satin Smoke 249’