National Recycling Week is fast approaching and we thought we would chat to our friend and Planet Ark supporter James Treble. James’s work is not only beautiful and thoughtfully designed but it also considers its environmental impact too. His love of repurposing, upcycling and reducing waste makes him the perfect person to gain sustainable design insights.


Reuse or repurpose when renovating

It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of renovations, from Pinterest boards and making new selections, James suggests you should think about the bigger picture too. “When renovating we tend to smash and throw away, making room for the new. I suggest instead to reuse as much as we can, as you can actually save a lot of time and even make some money!” Materials such as doors, windows and fireplace surrounds are frequently polished up and given new life in his projects. “Other reusable items such as bricks and lengths of timber can be easily reused, depending on how many you have you can sell them or even give them away free. By getting people to come and pick them up, you’re saving on tip fees, as well as saving you valuable time.”


Buy once, buy well

Everyone loves a bargain, but sometimes that cheap item which seemed like a good deal can end up costing you more when it breaks and you have to replace it. Not to mention contributing to landfill. “The first lesson I learned is to always be aware of the products we purchase. Where do they come from, are they good quality and built to last, and are they reusable or recyclable?” Says James. 

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Buy less

In an age of fast information, it can leave us wanting more and more. But do we need all of these things? James suggests having few quality items, rather than an abundance of cheaper products. “I always try to buy quality over quantity as it saves money in the long run. A great example is the sheets! So many people have a linen cupboard full of cheap sheet sets. Instead, buy two really high-quality sets. As they are a good quality they will last longer, not fade as easily PLUS you’ll notice the difference when you sleep. Buying quality instead of quantity helps saves our beautiful planet at the same time.”


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Understand recycling rules

It pays to know what can and cannot be recycled- there are a few surprises! “Check your labels to ensure you’re purchasing items that are recyclable so they can be reused, this is extra important for packaging (especially avoiding single-use plastics) which is mostly thrown away the minute you buy something.” You can learn more about recycling and what to do with each material here: ( )

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Source sustainable from the beginning

When we need to purchase something new, try to source a sustainable version of the product. Or, bring your own packaging, bags and containers when it comes to food and groceries. There are many wonderful products out there that have already had one life and are now given another. “We must try to purchase as many items as we can that are made from recycled materials in the first place, as this creates a continuous recycled circle, meaning eventually everything will be reused and recycled over and over again.” Says James.

Our partnership with Dunlop and Planet Ark is another way Flooring Xtra is helping to leave a lighter footprint. Recycling is one of the most common ways that Australians can help reduce their impact on the environment.

Each year, Planet Ark runs National Recycling Week to promote better recycling in homes, schools and workplaces across the country. Dunlop Flooring and Flooring Xtra are proud to be supporters of this initiative and to demonstrate our commitment we proudly donate $1 from every roll of Envirotred sold, towards National Recycling Week.