At Flooring Xtra we work with many clever interior designers across the country and love doing so. We recently had a chat to Gold Coast designer Emma-rose Bergervoet about her business, designer tips and favourite Flooring Xtra products. Her business, Emma-rose Design, is multifaceted with several services offered. I offer in-home interior design advice including colour schemes for interiors and exteriors, renovations, inspiration and styling”. Without a doubt, she’s one busy designer!

Emma-rose is very passionate about the industry, having been interested in interiors from a very young age. My dad has been a builder for 40 years. Growing up I went along to jobs with him and became very interested in the industry. From a very early age I would always be changing my bedroom around, saving my pocket money for furniture, homewares and new bedspreads.” After finishing school, design studies and cutting her teeth under a builder, Emma-rose launched her own business. When we asked her what she loved most about her job, she had trouble narrowing it down to just one thing. I love the whole process. From the initial consultation, finding out what people love and incorporating this in the design. I love the planning and the reveal, the look on people’s faces when it’s all complete.”

Importantly, Emma-rose takes a holistic approach to working with her client’s and their needs, with a focus on the client’s needs and parameters as a starting point. “I love the process of turning something average into something beautiful and seeing people happy with the end result”. We were keen to discover where she finds her inspiration for her projects. If it’s a client’s home, I draw from their personal needs, likes and daily requirements, if it’s a house renovation for immediate sale I consider the resale value and create a suitable palette from there.”

Emma Rose Outdoor
Low maintenance artificial grass (available in selected Flooring Xtra stores)

When prompted Emma-rose for her favourite new interior trends hitting the shops and magazines, she was quick to respond.

“My favourite thing at the moment is vinyl plank and having a dual toned kitchen. Having the under bench cupboards in a simple, plain light colour and the overhead cupboards in a timber look to match the vinyl floors. Personally I like it when things match, it also makes the kitchen feel homely and adds a bit of interest.” But she’s also keen not to dismiss following your heart and choosing something you love regardless of trends. “If you’re selecting for your forever home/dream home then of course go with your personal favourite, you don’t always have to follow a trend, start your own.”

Emma-rose has utilised flooring Xtra products for several of her projects, including carpet, underlay and vinyl plank.

“The vinyl plank is my favourite product at the moment and there is so many reasons why – there are 8 colours in the range, its modern, easy installation, looks great, very affordable and easy to maintain.” With all of the colours on offer, we asked her for any tips on selecting the right tone. “Keep in mind that if you’re renovating for on-sell then stick with a mid-to-light colour scheme, it makes the home feel lighter and larger.” But, as Emma-rose mentions above, if it’s a home for you, the rules need not apply so stringently.

Emma-rose has used our Fast Fit LVP plank in Scrubbed Oak, featured in this image.

Fast Fit LVP plank in Scrubbed Oak

We asked the busy designer what we can expect next from her. “I have a couple of things in the pipeline which I will reveal over the next few months.” Not one to be idle, she lastly mentions; “I’m also on the hunt for my next personal home renovation!” We can’t wait to see the pictures…

To see more of Emma-rose’s work, or to get in touch with the designer, you can contact her below.

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