Dream Laundries & Waterproof Flooring
By Resident Stylist, Annalese Hay

The often forgotten room, banished to the back of the house, door permanently closed to hide the disaster that will likely await inside. Sound familiar? So many laundries don’t receive the same decorating brush as the rest of the home, where an unspoken rule applies- it’s a waste of money to splash the cash on making this utilitarian space pretty. I couldn’t disagree more!


Recently styling this beautiful home in country Victoria, I was faced with immediate laundry envy. This large laundry was a celebration of light, materials and space. Straight off the front door like an Aussie version of a mudroom, the laundry was blessed with views of rolling hills and an abundance of storage. What a dream (to someone with a “European” laundry- read: cupboard). 


As I styled the space for the shoot, I realised it really didn’t need my help. The reason for this, of course, was the beautiful flooring which flowed from the entry and living, straight into the laundry. It was just as important as the rest of the home. With waterproof hard flooring options such as Hybrid and many types of Laminates and Vinyl to choose from- why not treat your laundry like a place you want to spend time in?

marrakesh 111 rug in a laundry

Audacity- Native Blackbutt

Feature Rug- Marrakesh 111 White Runner

Other design tips for a dreamy laundry:

  • If the budget allows, try and maintain the same materials and finishes from other areas of the home (such as bathroom vanity bench tops, tiles and cabinetry colours). This creates an enviable flow through the spaces which you can be proud to show off!


  • If the budget doesn’t stretch to maintain the same materials, try and find as similar as possible- and if you can, keep one key feature. It could be the benchtop material or splashback tile for example. Having the same door hardware is another subtle touch to suggest the same scheme runs throughout.


  • If you’re designing your laundry from scratch, really think about the storage required for what you would like to use this space for. The functionality of a space is directly correlated to how much you will enjoy being in here. Do you like to fold and sort the washing in the laundry? Do you want to have the dirty clothes baskets in the laundry? Will this be the “drop off” space to dump school bags and shoes when coming inside? Will you use the laundry to store other goods (such as excess kitchen goods, sporting equipment etc.?). Think of everything you want to store in this space and design accordingly. There are smart storage solutions too, such as pull out drawer systems to accommodate clothes baskets for example. A place for everything!


  • Always think about the equipment used in this space now and what you might use in the future. Will the space accommodate future washing machine or dryer purchases? Are there enough power points to plug in the iron and other items you might use here? Is there adequate space for a laundry sink (if yes- get one!).


  • Don’t forget accessories. Laundries are the perfect place for open shelves with wicker baskets, indoor plants and small artworks which reflect the vibe of the rest of the home- have fun with it!