We love it when Emma-rose uses Flooring Xtra products in her projects as her approach to home renovation and design always provides so much inspiration! The latest project for this busy Gold-Coast based designer is a gorgeous new look for her own home where Fast Fit Vinyl was installed throughout. We spoke to Emma-rose about the selection and installation process.

FastFit Tasmanian Woollybutt



Fast Fit was an easy choice for Emma-rose, who mentions the economics of the product and the many choices from within the range. “Value for money, affordable- taking into consideration that it’s not our forever home, easy to install and wide colour range.” This succinct list demonstrates the way in which her trained mind works, from practicality, through to aesthetics and budget.

FastFit Tasmanian Woollybutt


The colour too, was an important factor, with the rest of the home thoughtfully updated already. “I just love the Tasmanian Woolybutt, it matches so well with our Scandinavian furniture & our high shelving which run across from the kitchen through to the living room.”  The continuation of the one material throughout the home was also intentional. “Due to the size of our home, I felt it was necessary to give the illusion of a bigger space. We have achieved this by keeping the same texture running through each room & accessorising with rugs.”

FastFit Tasmanian Woollybutt


Ease of installation was a key factor in Emma-rose’s decision making. With her busy work life, something simple was highly regarded and installation was a breeze. “Not difficult at all! Lucky for me, my dad uses Flooring Xtras product in a lot of his renovations, so I just follow his lead.”

FastFit Tasmanian Woollybut


There are many exciting things on the creative table at Emma-rose Design currently, with new homewares gracing her online store and another renovation in the near future of an investment property- we look forward to seeing this transformation too! To see the results of the Fast Fit installation. To follow Emma-rose on Instagram, you can find her here (@emmarosedesign)

Images source: @emmarosedesign