A yearly visit by the UK-based trend forecaster Victoria Redshaw from Scarlet Opus is always an eye-opening experience at Melbourne’s Décor & Design Show.  Learning about what we’re all going to see in architecture, design and products within the next year is a fascinating topic. Our favourite trends that we took from the talk are below. You will be certain to see them across magazine pages soon!

Embracing the imperfect

This may sound like a strange trend, but the idea of repairing what is broken, celebrating natural materials and blending the old with the new is surprisingly easy. The Japanese have been following the philosophy of Wabi Sabi for many years and it’s time to take some lessons from them. How to implement it in your home? Try to see if furniture can be refurbished rather than replaced. Consider natural finishes and materials if you’re renovating. Don’t be afraid to have a pure and simple palette, highlighting materials like timbers, concrete, wool, felt or textured walls.

Style Curator Summer Catalogue


(Featured Flooring: Forest Retreat Aust Species Blackbutt)

Outdoor Rooms

Nothing new in the blessed Australian climate, but a new way of looking at these spaces will become more obvious in the near future. As we battle information overload with technology and screens constantly at our fingertips, there are many seeking clarity and spaces of calm to settle the mind. Outdoor rooms, no matter how big or small can help us to do this while connecting with nature. In terms of products and design, think modular, comfortable outdoor furniture and outdoor lights and lamps for ambience. Outdoor rugs also add to these spaces, completing a “room” like feel.

Marquee – Grey VectorMarquee – Navy Luxe

(Left to Right: Alfresco – Turquoise Branch 6503, Marquee – Navy Luxe, Marquee – Grey Vector)

Connections Between Design, Science and Technology

The way we live, the environment and our health are just some of the considerations. Science and design meet to create new materials and finishes which is what we’re particularly interested in. The trend can result in unconventional material pairings and a focus on recycled or sustainable options. Where flooring is concerned, this highlights the increasing popularity of hybrid flooring – a blend of laminate and vinyl to create a waterproof and particularly hardy option for many homes.

AquaSmart WashedOak

(Featured Flooring: AquaSmart in ‘Washed Oak’)

Watermelon Shades

Set to be big in 2019 as a colour which sits back beautifully with peach, mints and lilacs as well as materials like grey concrete. A welcome addition to the pink craze of the last few years, this is a fun and fresh option for the home. Some of our favourite rugs have pops of watermelon which you can see below.

City Collection – Pink Arc

Crystal - Multi Canvas 1840Medina - Multi Palette 1922

(Left to Right: City Collection – Pink Arc 566, Crystal – Multi Canvas 1840, Medina – Multi Palette 1922)

The Environment

Recycling is big new in interior design, but it really transcends trends and fads as we come to terms with making informed decisions about how we can minimise waste. There are some very clever designers out there exploring new ways to utilise waste, from recycled glass bottles through to old woollen clothing finding new uses. Out of necessity, the design will consider these things more and more. At Flooring Xtra, Dunlop EnviroTred is an example of this, rethinking the role of underlay in carpet installation. Extending the life of flooring is just one way to reduce your waste footprint. Not only this, they will take and recycle old underlay which can be made into new underlay. Dunlop underlay is made from 90% recycled materials and is 100% recyclable. $1 from every roll sold gets donated to Planet Ark’s National Recycling Program.


While some trends come and go, it’s worth picking and sorting through the ones which will have some longevity in your home. These which are highlighted above are those which will stand the test of time. We’re looking forward to seeing how they will be further developed!